DIY Idea {Herb Keeper}

Okay, first a disclaimer: I poached this idea from my mom. She and I go to estate sales most weekends, and over time we've accumulated some similar items, such as vintage glass coffee jars. A couple months ago we were talking and she said, "Hey, you know those glass coffee jars I got? I've been using them to store my herbs and they work great. Just add a little water at the bottom."

I took an extra step and stuck mine in the fridge for added chill factor, but she is right; it works like a charm because the lid forms a tight seal. Up until now I've been (shamefully) using Ziploc bags to keep them fresh (although I do rinse them and reuse them), but this method is much more environmentally friendly.

And I always, always, have leftover herbs after buying them at the grocery store (who uses that much parsley in one dish?), so it's a great way to keep them fresh until you figure out another recipe to use them in. Just trim the stems so they'll fit vertically, cover the bottom with water, and you're golden!

{Photos by me}

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