Shacking Up With the Styleses {Update}

Today is a post where I get to brag about my husband. You might remember that I went to California some weeks ago to visit my best girls, and when I came home, it was to several surprises. 1) The hubs had cleaned up the house, and it looked better than before I left. 2) The cleaning including putting laundry away. He wasn't sure which drawer was for which clothing item, and which ones got hung up, so I still find a a shirt in the pants drawer, and a dress in the T-shirt drawer, and I smile each time that happens. 3) He took it upon himself to finish a DIY project I had started ages ago, knowing I was dying to use it when it was finished...

I had already painted the frame, which was a drab brown when I picked it up at an estate sale back in California. So the hubs cut some plywood to fit, then treated it with several coats of chalkboard paint. It's the perfect size for that space of the kitchen wall, and I love it! Just don't mind the trash cans; I'm on the lookout for a tall narrow table to put there. :)

Thank you the hubs! :)

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