Style Spots: Four Men & a Lady

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being accompanied by four gentlemen whilst hitting up some estate sales. It all started with our friend Jeff, who mentioned wanting to go along with me that weekend. Naturally, this meant that the hubs would make a rare appearance. Word then spread to our friend Andy, who couldn't miss out on this get-together. And then our friend Joel (also our downstairs neighbor) hopped onto the party bandwagon. So there I was, four dudes...and me. I wasn't sure what it would be like since I'm a bit methodical with how I go through a sale, but it was really fun to see them find things and be able to share something I love so much with them. And they all made it through three sales, which is two more than I thought would happen. Kudos to Jeff for sticking it out and going to another sale with me after that; the best man standing. :)

I wish I would've taken some pictures of them with their finds before we parted ways, but I think there will be some repeat performances, so next time. Until then, here's what I was able to dig up. I had actually found time to go to an early sale on Friday where (if you can believe it) it was the first time I stood in line and got a number to go in (gasp!). I'm very familiar with the process, but can usually never bring myself to get there when the initial rush happens, because usually that's when all the (for lack of a better word) jerks show up and you have to wrangle things from their sticky fingers. But this sale was a small house and really packed, so they only let 15 people in to start, and then 1 for 1 once somebody left. It was quite nice, actually, not having a ton of people in the house at the same time, and I felt less pressure to scramble around quickly. The woman whose house it had been was a serious sewer, so I walked out with some amazing fabric and such...

A couple shots of some of my favorites...

The one below is several yards, and still in new condition. The lady at the estate sale said the name of the designer, and now I've completely forgotten. Anyone know?

Below is a patchwork quilt top that is all sewn together. Just needs some batting and a bottom layer. It's nice and big and has so much amazing fabrics in it. Can't wait to finish it and turn it into a bedspread!

They had put some stuff outside to make room, and I was crossing my fingers that no one would buy this before I got to go in and put my name on it. It has a little water damage, but I'm so love in with it for my craft room to store all kinds of things. I'll most likely repaint it, and then add a rod in the space above the cubbies to string my spools of ribbon.

Here's what I found on Saturday...

These Butterfly Gold Cinderella bowls were the hubs's spot. He was so proud, and so was I. :)

The hubs is also space nut, so when he was this ash tray from the moon landing, it had to be his.

Never too early for Christmas decs, right?! :)
 What goodies did you thrift this weekend??

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  1. Oh wow, I was getting more and more breathless as I scrolled through your finds, the fabric, then the storage unit, then the gummed labels, *be-still-my-beating-heart! Gorgeous. Thanks for linking up with Magpie Monday x

  2. So cool!! Love the shelf/drawers thingie!! I'm also drooling over the vintage labels!!

  3. I love the huchie drawer thing too...awesome!

  4. Loving EVERY find as always, but the space ash tray makes me heart jump for joy. Perfect find in every way!

    Congratulations for dragging friends along on your thrifting journey. My non-thrifter guy-pals will bludgeon me with a blunt instrument if I tried to drag them on a thrift trip!

  5. You got some amazing finds! That fabric is gorgeous and an almost completed bedspread so lucky. That shelving/draw thing will look great in your craft room.

    E :)

  6. What a fantastic bunch of fabric, all divine, love your storage piece too, definitely the find of the week end. I have the exact nest of pyrex bowls too. I love them.

  7. Great finds! The storage shelf is very nice. Great idea to add a dowel for ribbons! Good spot by your husband on those Pyrex nesting bowls. Very nice!

  8. those fabrics are delicious! i love them all especially the yellow floral. pyrex too? perfect!


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