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Welcome to another week, my friends, and another addition of Style Spots! Usually I only hit up estate sales on Sundays, when everything is half off, but I had a pretty packed weekend scheduled, so I got up early on Saturday to brave the first-day frenzy of some sales in the neighborhood. I ended up finding several cute vintage dresses (a couple that are my size!), thus the name of this post. I also brought home some other goodies, which I'll get to now! :)

An old leather purse with green flowers

A children's memory game made from wood pieces with a copyright on them from 1938. They came in an old Velveeta box for good vintage measure.

A vintage glass jar & a groovy calendar tea towel from 1973

A mustard yellow belt and a pink wooden necklace (very '90s)

Three vintage aprons. The green one has a matching child-sized apron, perfect for a mom and a daughter who loves to cook!

Two Pyrex mixing bowls

Two bags of vintage fishing flies

An old telephone stand...

With a neat design on the top shelf. Can't decide if I should paint it...thoughts?

Vintage black-and-white floral dress (for me!)

Vintage sweater that is really sparkly and has some great colors in it

Vintage brown-and-black dress with some great pleating at the shoulders

And my favorite, an old blue-and-tan floral dress that has a great swishy skirt

And I saved the best for last! A beautiful mid-century chair I picked up at a local thrift store in an amazing persimmon color. The perfect addition to our living room!

What goodies did you thrift this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Definitely paint the telephone stand! Great finds :)

  2. wow!! the handbag! Wow!
    I love the idea of matching mom and daughter aprons, kitschy x

  3. Love the bag and the sparkly jumper-really nice finds!

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love those picture dominoes!! And isn't it awesome how often old toys and games come in such great boxes?

    The black and white dress is amazing! Great find!

  5. Thanks all for stopping by and leaving your kind comments! :)

  6. Jealous of your chair and the tan/blue dress! You should post an outfit picture when you wear the dress. :)

  7. Love that purse and those dresses sooo cute!

    E :)

  8. I love the old dominoes! I love all vintage toys though to be honest!

  9. Wow wow wow!

    Love the black and white dress, the chair is lush and the handbag is to die for!

    Thanks for linking up x

  10. OMG...That handbag is lush! Love the tea dress too...Lovely stuff! x

  11. Oh I would TOTALLY paint that telephone stand! Something bright and fun! Love the detail on the top!

  12. Bumper bonanza of bargains there! I love the chair most of all, then the children's game, then the jar, the pyrex dishes, the aprons .... most of it really

  13. Great finds! Those aprons are sweet. How adorable to have matching green aprons for mom and daughter (or son). Love that!

    I think I'd paint the telephone stand, too.

  14. that chair and those dresses are amazing! wow!


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