Style Spots: Some Offers I Couldn't Refuse

Happy Monday all! I hope your weekend was relaxing and refreshing! The hubs and I were social butterflies on Friday and Saturday, so yesterday we camped out at home and, on the heels of Mafia Week on AMC, decided to watch a trilogy of Scorsese movies (Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Good Fellas) and ordered dinner from Gian-Tony's on The Hill (yum). I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night that involved a mob boss putting a hit out on me so they could steal my cavatelli con broccoli. :)

In other news, I was able to squeeze in a rummage sale on Friday evening at a church in U. City. They had a "vintage" section with some cute things, but it was a little overpriced for my blood. Instead, I picked up some newer items...

A nice white basket for living room storage

A brand new bamboo cutting board

And a straw purse with faded leather straps and a brass hippo clasp

On Saturday my parents and I hit up some estate sales. There were a couple good ones in there with lots of vintage things, some with newer, and some people just blatantly false advertising. I went to one listed as a "rummage" sale that turned out to be a really poorly stocked garage sale, and another advertised as an estate sale that was the same quality as the earlier "rummage" one. Do you guys run across that, too? And get annoyed like I do? :)

In any case, I can't complain about the final haul...

I'm going to hang this tin on the wall to use as a chalk holder for my chalkboard

A vintage salt shaker with a mustard lid

A metal frog

A Farrington jewelry box in really great shape...

Will go well with my great-aunt's that I use on my dresser

A couple vintage tea towels

A Moosewood cookbook (hooray!)

More Ball (and a couple Atlas) canning jars

A very '50s set of luggage

And a Cosco chair/step stool that's in really great shape for its age. A little wear on the rubber, but it goes perfectly with the red metal cart in the kitchen.

This chair has made me alter the palette in the kitchen a bit...now it's going to be mostly light blue and red, with some mustard sprinkled in for good measure (and to keep it from becoming too "USA").

What goodies did you pick up this weekend??

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  1. What great finds! I love that red chair. The one in my kitchen is green, but I'd love to replace it with a red one someday!

    I have run into the same problem with "estate" sales. There should be rules about what you can call an estate sale.

  2. Lovely finds. That luggage demands a train ride adventure. And I love the random hippo clasp on that purse!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. I agree that many sale ads are misleading, but you have to balance that out with the ones with hiden, undisclosed treasures. I would say you did quite well.
    I can not pass up those stools and now have 4 around the house. Helps, as I often need reach enhancement.
    I have never seen a salt shaker like yours. I would have thought a syrup pourer.

  4. wow! what a haul, Love the set of suitcases. I say it everytime I look at an american blog like yours but seriously I NEED to visit american yard, estate and garage sales . I bet I could fill a plane up with treasure.

  5. I'm drooling over the luggage set, I have a round hatbox that matches your suitcases! I've also been searching for a Cosco step stool for ages but they're always in rough shape/overpriced when I find them. Great finds this weekend!

  6. The luggage set is gorgeous! The clasp on that bag is so sweet!

    E :)

  7. That is EXACTLY the style of jewelry box I've been looking for. I had no idea what it was called.

  8. BeckyKay: Glad (or maybe not) that the mis-advertising isn't just a St. Louis thing! So frustrating. And yay for both having Cosco stools!

    Jackie: I am SO on board for a train ride. I did that a couple years ago, and it's a ton less stress than flying or driving. I'd love to do one through Canada...I hear it's a beautiful trip.

    Dogsmom: You have four?? How fun! What colors are they? And I would've thought syrup, too, but the holes once you open the lid are definitely for salt or some other spice instead of a liquid.

    Karen: If you do, we have a guest room waiting for you! Would love to show you around the Midwest! :)

    Leilani: Really?? Are you interested in a luggage set to match? I know where you can buy one! :)

    Vintage Sweetheart: Thank you! The clasp was def the reason I snatched it up. A bit of whimsy!

    Meggyme: Glad to pass along the Farrington name. If you're interested in this one, let me know! I'll sell it behind the scenes! :)

  9. How do you differentiate between "garage" sale and "rummage" sale? I tend to use those terms interchangeably along with "yard" sale. I've found regionally (moving from the Midwest to the Southeast) that people here have yard sales and tag sales. I do agree completely with the term "estate sale" being left to mean 'the entire contents of ones estate'. Preferably with access inside the house :) I think my fav's of your weekend finds would also be those items ranking at the top of the favorites: the luggage (drool) that fab purse (reminds me a little of a Marc Jacobs bag with metal swallows) and the stool (I'm so drawn to that style, but having a hard time balancing contemporary mid century with vintage shabby thrift style). Thanks for showing off all the great finds!

  10. Hey Nicolette!

    Okay, to me, a garage sale is the same as a yard sale: one household, held in the yard and/or garage, with usually newer items or just a random mix of things that people are trying to get rid of at cheap prices. Rummage sale — at least in my book — is what I relate to places like churches or other organizations, where there's a whole giant room filled with things that were donated for the sale (usually to raise money). They're usually a mix of old and new things, and a lot of the ones around here have caught on to the "vintage" thing and have a special section for it (usually with higher prices, too). And then estate sale is the same things you mentioned. But you're right, it definitely depends on the area of the country you're in. Perhaps I just have to get used to it! :)

  11. Great great items! The luggage and stool are awesome. I hope I come across something like those one day. Just found your blog thru Rhoda's and I can't wait to check more of it out.

  12. Great finds! Love the suitcases and jewelry box . . . well, I love it all!

  13. Hey Charlene! Thanks for stopping by! I love Rhoda & her blog, so I'm glad that's what brought you here! :)

    And thanks, Lauren, for the kind words! :)


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