Shacking Up With the Styleses {Update}

Morning, all! I just wanted to share a short-and-sweet peek at the new curtains we installed in the guest room this week! I'm so excited about them for several reasons: 1) they're from West Elm (my fav home decor store), 2) I found them (brand new) on Craigslist, and 3) the lady had a bunch she was getting rid of, so she was selling them for dirt cheap (half of the original cost).

I've been looking all over for curtains for our place, but since the windows are so tall, they need drapes that are 108 inches long, which are SO expensive and I wasn't going to even worry about installing some. But now that they're there, I love the height it gives the room. Plus, I finally have an accent color to work with!

Anywho, just wanted to share this little piece of joy with you! :)

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