Style Spots: First Grabs & Leftovers

Good morning all! Welcome to another week! I don't know about you, but the three-day weekend followed by a four-day workweek has me feeling like this week is gonna drag. But at least the weather is still gorgeous!

This week's Style Spots is kinda all over the place, so I guess I'll start at the beginning.

Last Monday (Labor Day) I went to our local Value Village because they always have a 50% off sale on holidays. Here's what I picked up:

A Hotjö enamel mug (loved the shape)

And a lamp that will go perfectly in our bedroom...

Closer look at the design...

I also picked up a skirt and a really cute Kelly green cropped jacket. I never post the "new" stuff, but would you guys be interested in seeing it anyway? I don't know that I have the gall to model the clothing myself, but I can put them on Esmerelda (my mannequin)!

Then on Friday I met our friend Jeff at an estate sale in Creve Coeur. He had emailed me about it on Wednesday, and it looked awesome, so I got up extra early to get some work done so I could wander over there for a bit. It was jam-packed, and every single room was filled with a mixture of vintage and new things (some still in their packaging). I think I was in there for a record two hours or something crazy like that. I just kept going back into rooms to take second and third glances in case I missed something.

Here's what I ended up taking home:

Guess who's having ice sculptures at her next dinner party?? :)

I think it'll be water-themed...

Some gorgeous speckled Melamine pieces, a butter dish and S&P shakers.

A paper craft book that look like fun.

Some vintage but not used Fallani & Cohn Beligan linen napkins.

An adorable juice set!

And my favorite find of the weekend: A Webcor Holiday Imperial record player. I've seen two others like this (but smaller) and they never worked. But this one does, and I've been listening to Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash pretty much nonstop. :)

Which reminds me! I forgot to photograph some albums I got for the hubs. Thanks to Jeff's keen eye, we each went home with three Johnny Cash albums for $1 per album. I got A Thing Called Love, Bitter Tears and Ragged Old Flag.

Saturday my parents and I hit up a couple antique malls. A newish one we had passed some months ago in Washington before it was open, and the one in South County (my fav). In between we stopped at the Goodwill in Washington and I hit the mother load of cute cardigans and sweaters for fall (did I mention yet it's my favorite season?? I know, I have...a million times.) Again, no photos, but perhaps next time? Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing them!

Then yesterday my friend Amber and I hit up some estate sales to see what we could get at 50% off. She made out like a bandit with a bunch of vintage Atlas jars that had the glass lids (something you don't run across very much), and I saw a lot of things I wanted to get, but I'm learning to pass on some stuff until I sell more inventory. I was happy with what I brought home though:

A Pyrex Butterfly Gold carafe that's missing the top, but I think it'll work just fine for holding water, etc.

Two cookbooks, one for cocktails & snacks, and one of Pyrex's "prize recipes" (look for a Thrifted Kitchen post on Thursday featuring a delish dessert from this book).

Luggage! (Surprise!) But wait until you see the inside of the handbag...

So pretty, right?

And (finally) a piece of furniture for the back porch! I am SO in love with its mid-century lines. Now I just need a wicker couch and it'll be the perfect place for cozying up with a blanket in the fall.

What goodies did you unearth this week??

** Special note: Y'all...I am seriously behind on posting stuff into the Etsy store, so if you see something you like and are interested in purchasing it, head over to the Connect page and shoot me an email! I'll let you know the price and give you first dibs! :) **

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  1. oh I say it every time I come on your blog !
    Wow! What I would give to attend an all American Estate sale.
    Wonderful bargains as always xx

  2. Wow! I've never seen an ice sculpture mould before - now you've shown me two!! ;0)

    Great finds, I particularly love the juice set, the lovely luggage and the wicker chair.

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. That is a jaw-droppingly awesome haul! If you ever get bored of the napkins, send them my way ;-)

  4. What an amazing selection. Envious of the ice art stuff but I know my fave is the juice set.

  5. Oh wow! I want to live near you!

  6. great finds!

    Love the melamine! And the chair.

  7. I saw a juice set like yours a few weeks ago at the GW. . .I wish I had bought it. The glasses were lower and rounder but the design was the same. I love seeing your finds each week!

  8. Thank you, Karen, for your enthusiasm! :) And let me know if you ever make it over here!

    Lizzie: Thanks for hosting the link party! I'd never seen these molds either, and I started giggling when I spotted them thinking of what the hubs would say when I brought them home. :)

    Mummy: I will be sure and let you know! If you're really interested in them, let me know and I can tell you how much I'm going to put them into the Etsy store for.

    Thank you Kate!

    Milk Chic: You could! Lots of available places in our neighborhood. :)

    Recycle-ista: Thank you!

    Molly B: I actually sold a set with this same pattern when I was in California. It was a little round pitcher with small round glasses. I think it comes in all kinds of variations, but this is the first of this kind that I've spotted, and it's pristine!

  9. Luggage, chair, paper craft book, record player- you scored this weekend! I've listed my favorite finds, but I really do love each one. The ice sculpture molds are amazing, take photos of the resulting pieces! :) Say Edward Scissorhands made them for you.

  10. loving that speckled melamine...the colour is just gorgeous! great finds.

  11. I love the speckled melamine and that luggage set is divine!

    E :)

  12. I have a white HotJo ceramic mug that I use everyday. I love it! It's the only way I can drink my coffee in the morning without spilling while I run around after the kids. I have to use the lid with it, though, because the wide bottom seems to let the coffee get cold pretty quickly.


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