Style Spots: Hot Morning in the City

Good morning my dear readers! I hope this holiday weekend is finding you happy and refreshed this morning! And for those of you in St. Louis...excited about this fall weather forecast! I actually put on a long-sleeve shirt this morning and threw open all the windows in our place. I can hardly believe how great it feels, and I wish this weather would've swooped in on Saturday. Alas, it was 103 degrees of heat and humidity, so we didn't stay out at the estate sales for very long, especially since my car doesn't have A/C. But I was able to snag some things at the last two we visited, both in the city and not far from our home. Have a peek!

We found this at the last sale, a potato basket and noodle nest fry basket. The results of using it will most likely be making an appearance on The Thrifted Kitchen. I'm also trying to think of other things you can put in there to make food vessels. Anyone?


I also found a vintage ice crusher and bought it especially for the hubs. He has this love affair with crushed ice, and we don't have an ice crusher (or maker) in our fridge, so I thought this would be a nice gesture. It actually has two settings, which I didn't realize. If you crank it one way, it's coarsely crushed; if you crank it the other, it's finely crushed.

This, I can't wait to use this fall when all the leaves start changing. It's an awesome botany press, and when I unscrewed it, I found lots of beautifully pressed flowers that, according to the newspaper they were sandwiched between, were put in there in 2006.

Next I found a couple more vintage aprons for the store. They were such a hot commodity at the last show and I've got a couple coming up this fall and winter, so I'm trying to stock up!

I love the fabric of this vintage sewing basket. Will be perfect in my crafty room!

Also at the last sale I found this giant binder...

Filled with vintage kitchen recipe booklets! Enough to pull years of recipes, I think, for The Thrifted Kitchen (yahoo!).

I picked this scarf up because it was sewn on the back in a way that makes it much easier to tie around your head. I'm going to try and replicate the method with some of my scarves.

I love this bag, perfect for the upcoming fall season. I especially love how tall it is. And it has a great woven texture to it.

And what would a Style Spots be without another vintage suitcase? :) Loving every bit of this growing collection...

Your turn! Did you thrift any goodies this week?

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  1. Yay! Another suitcase!

    I struggle to find them locally as there's a lady who lives in our town makes a business out of upcycling them so they are rare as hens teeth, she always beats me to it!

    Love your potato basket too. Bet is would work with most root vegetables, deep fried like chips - beetroot, parsnip, carrots etc.

  2. I love the bag you found, it's gorgeous! I love the shape and texture of it.

  3. So much to look at. I like the recipes folder and have just found my late mother's so hope to try some recipes from there very soon.
    The sewing bag looks quite Seventies to me.
    Think my fave is the flower press thing though and a treat to find flowers in it too

  4. I'll have to be on the look out for a flower press. Such a nice idea. I love your ice crusher. It's just my type of thing :)

  5. Great finds. Love the suitcase. I found another one this week to add to the collection. x

  6. Wow, you found some super stuff! I have some of those recipe books myself, but that is quite the binder full. The purse and suitcase are both wonderful as well. The pressed flowers remind me of dogwood flowers.

    I wonder if you could use shredded zucchini or carrots in your little fry basket?

  7. I love that vintage sewing basket it's gorgeous! I'm not allowed to collect any more suitcases :( I have 10 already. Your's is lovely.

    E :)

  8. We have an ice crusher very similar to that one, but in aqua. Your's appears to be in much nice condition!

  9. Miss Lizzie: Oh my! I would be so upset by that! Perhaps you'll find an untapped area one day and hit the jackpot. :)

    Helen: Thank you! Me too. I especially love how tall it is. Perfect for a laptop bag, too.

    Kate: What a sweet discovery to have found your mother's recipes. How fun it will be to try some. And yes, finding those pressed flowers was like sharing a special moment with the lady whose press it was. Based on the other things being sold in here house, she was quite the artist and crafter.

    Sue: Thanks so much! I see these crushers a lot around here, so I'm sure you'll come across one at some point.

    Zara: Yay! A fellow vintage suitcase collector! They're so hard to pass up!

    Tammy: That...is a great idea. Zucchini baskets would look so pretty if you left the skin on! I'll have to play around with it.

    Vintage Sweetheart: I think I'm getting to that point with my husband, ha. I'm up to 5 that I use for decoration, and 4 that I actually use for travel. I just can't pass them up!

    BeckyKay: An aqua one? That sounds divine. One of my favorite colors.

    Thanks for stopping by all!


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