Style Spots: Roundabout Rainy Day

Well, I'd like to say happy Monday to you all, but it's been so dreary this weekend, and today's starting out just as dismal! Where was all this rain during the summer when my poor vegetable garden needed it? I actually had given up hope on my first crop, but the tomato plants are still flowering and growing fruit, and the kale...my goodness, I don't think anything can stop those plants from growing. So yesterday I went out back for a solid couple hours to clean everything up and it was very, very cathartic. I must say I love the instant gratification that comes with tending to plants.

Before yesterday, however, I mapped out my estate sale route for Saturday morning. I started with a couple in the city, then moved to Kirkwood, then north to Olive and up a bit more to Florissant. A couple were a bust, but the rest made up for it.

But enough chit-chat! Let's get to the goods!

{Some beautiful vintage fabric I dug up in a basement...}

{Hats! The bottom two are perfect for the fall/winter.)

{Remember those ice molds from last time? Now I have a Christmas tree! I'm thinking of making a forest centerpiece for the holidays, and dyeing the water green.}

{Vintage bow ties!}

{A mate to go with one I thrifted a while ago.}

{Nice slicer...}

{Some vintage wooden pant/skirt hangers and some vintage sunglasses.}

{A beautiful white covered dish with some mod plants on it. The bottom has an "F" inside a shield, which I understand to be the mark of the Federal Glass Company.}

{Some more bundt pans. I'll show you soon what I'm doing with these.}

{Vintage Entienne Aigner boots. So mad that they're a half-size too small.}

{And a beautiful vintage purse.}

What goodies did you thrift this weekend? And, as I said last week, I'm very behind in posting items to Etsy, so if you see something you like on any of these Style Spots, shoot me an email (over on the Connect page) and let me know!

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  1. my oh my!!!! I absolutley love those bow ties!!! they are so awesome!!!!! However all of your finds are great.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Great finds. Every time I come to your blog I am green with envy at the idea of estate sales. Those hats are fabulous.

  3. An amazing haul as always, and I love your big, beautiful, bright photographs!

  4. You've got some brilliant bargains there - I'd be gutted about the boots too!

  5. As the 11th Doctor says, "Bow ties are cool" ;-)

  6. I think that purse would be perfect to go with my cowboy boots!

    I adore the fabric - a sucker for vintage fabric!

    I can't believe you've found another ice mold!

    Thanks for linking up x

  7. I love the vintage purse! also love the vintage bows xx

  8. How is it that I've never come across an ice sculpture mold before and you've found 3? Pretty incredible! I actually own a similar aqua netting hat and I'm in love with what I can see of the bottom purse. How much are you thinking of selling it for?

  9. Liking the red boots very much


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