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Hey friends! So, as promised, here are a few things I picked up on the trip to Hot Springs! We made it to three thrift stores and one antique mall, but there were several others that I have my eye on for next time.

Some mini bundt pans to go with the bigger ones I've been collecting.

Some Italian ankle boots.

A couple woven belts.

Brass deer for my brass animal menagerie!

This purse is gorgeous. I started using it the day I got it.

A nice bright red purse.

And a project dress. I'm going to pull the sleeves of this one, too. I loved the black-gray stripes on it.

What goodies did you thrift this weekend??

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  1. How funny, I'm originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas (currently living in Chicago) and I'd always wanted to vintage shop in Hot Springs but have never done so. I'll definitely have to make it down there when I'm back home for Christmas.

  2. Love the tan bag, great finds!

  3. I love the deer, tan purse and woven belts. In fact, I love all of your finds!

  4. Oh my gosh! What awesome finds! Love that brass buck (is that what the male deer is called?), either way, i've never seen the male deer, you always see the girls.
    Also that brown purse, ah! So hard to find a modern looking bag while thrifting and you found one.

  5. Leilani: If you do, let me know which stores you went to and what you thought. I made it to the Salvation Army (eh), Goodwill (thumbs up) and one independent local store (eh). I also went to the Hot Springs Antique Mall (love it).

    Thank you Karlyn, Alyssa & L'Heure for your commments! I am definitely enjoying that purse! :)


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