Sustainable Style: Bird Mafia

Based in Monterey, Calif., (a very beautiful part of that state, might I add), Bird Mafia is my favorite kind of Etsy store, one where you get hooked by a particular item only to find out that you love everything in the store. My obsession with fabric napkins is what originally brought me to their Etsy store (the mustard and white ones up above, to be exact), but once I was there, I think I clicked on almost every item to get a closer look.

The shops tagline talks of cut paper design, and they do have some really beautiful artwork for sale,  but it's their translation of that design to whimsical textiles that stole my heart — and they are all made from organic cotton (bonus!). Here are some of my favorites, but be sure and visit the store to find out yours! Oh, and they're also Tweeting and Facebook...ing. Yeah. :)

{Images courtesy of Bird Mafia}

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