Sustainable Style: Juanita Tortilla

When I'm browsing the endless sea of items on Etsy, I find I'm always drawn to things that seem to have a story behind them, where I learn something new. This week I happened upon Juanita Tortilla (love the name), who makes these little triangular zipper pouches called nuckitaschli, which translates to a small purse for pacifiers (nucki means "pacifier" and taschli means "small purse"). But of course these little gems are useful for much more than toting around your baby's binky. You can also shove lipstick, coins, hair pins and other small necessities in them when you're on the go.

My favorite thing about these little pouches, though, is the artist makes them from remnant and repurposed fabric. She has a great eye for combining patterns and colors, and I love them all. But here are top three favorites:

She also designs iPod/iPhone covers, and I fell in love with this gray and red one:

Be sure and check out her Etsy shop, and then think about how great these would be as little gifts or stocking stuffers! :)


  1. Oh my! I am so thrilled, and honoured, to discover that you have featured my Nuckitaschli pouches!!!

    Thank you, thank you so much.
    I will wear this link proudly in my blog :)


  2. Hmmpf... Blogger does not work on an iPad. Will have to share this awesome link and blog via twitter and facebook! :)


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