Sustainable Style: Urban + Forest

Last night we sat around the fire pit in the backyard, and I was so ecstatic because I needed a sweater to keep warm! This fall weather has me in the best of moods, because it's my absolute favorite season, and one that I've missed for the past five years. Needless to say my mind is already wandering toward cardigans, scarves and knee-high boots, but then there are the trees...such an all-important element once cooler days come to play.

{Wouldn't these make great gift tags for Christmas presents??}

I started wandering around the virtual aisles of Etsy, searching for earthy, natural elements, and was so happy to come across Urban + Forest. It's a gal + guy team located in Rockland, Maine, and they use local reclaimed white birch to create some truly beautiful things. I think my favorites are the forest topography and the candle holders...what about you?

{Love, love, love}

Be sure follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook for a 10% off coupon code!


  1. I love the creative wall art here best- nevermind, I love it all, actually :) Maybe I'll be able to embrace fall this year after all. Instead of hating it for taking away summer.

  2. My sister in law does this too. She actually makes lamps out of limbs from trees. They are really cute. She uses her smaller pieces you said would be good for tags as ornaments and gift tags. She paints them with beautiful pictures. She made us the most beautiful sign for our porch with our name on it out of some wood they had left over from the outside of their cabin. Gorgeous. I do love their tea light holders, I have never seen that before.

  3. Awesome stuff! Had to buy something ... sigh.

  4. Homeschool Mom: Your sister sounds amazing! Would love to see some photos of her stuff.

    AEC: What did you buy?? I'm thinking about the candle holders...


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