Style Spots: Clothe Yourself

Well, here we are; we've reached another Monday morning, but this one is special: It's Halloween! Do you have any fun plans for tonight? I still have to get my porch pumpkins (yikes!), but I have my fair trade candy all ready for the little ones. The only down side is, since we live in a two-family house and our place is the upper two floors, I either have to run up and down the stairs all night, or I might just grab a blanket and park myself on a chair on the porch.

This weekend went by in a flash for me. Friday was the only day I had time to do some thrifting. I went to one estate sale and then had to spend my Value Village Groupon by the end of that day. As a result, my haul is mostly clothing, but I scooped up some gorgeous vintage dresses that I love. Want to see?

I think this floral dress is my favorite, especially since it's 100% cotton.

And it comes with a little bow and pin on the shoulder.

This dress would look killer with a black belt and heels.

And I love the buttons up the side.

This Mendel sheath dress is really stunning.

Love the navy with the deep purple flowers.

Navy and cream, another good combo.

Plus, this wrap dress has cute, mod feathers.

This dress just doesn't photograph how it looks. The skirt is stunning because the pleats are different shades.

Don't you want this for a cute Christmas sweater?

And in case you didn't get the memo, the early '90s are back...big time. :)

I picked up this pleated skirt for me. High-waist ones are so fun to wear with a skinny belt and a textured top tucked in.

Another purse! I've grown quite the inventory of them, which should make my December shows go well.

I can never resist fabric, and those three purple wool ones go so well together.

And the one non-textile I picked up: a Descoware enameled cast iron skillet.

What goodies did you thrift this weekend?

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DIY {Papernstitch} Friday

{Image via Eat.Live.Shop.}

Hey kids! So I've got some pretty exciting news: Every other Friday I'll be rounding up DIY posts over at Papernstitch (one of my favorite blogs!), and for my inaugural post, I've rounded up some last-minute DIY ideas for your Halloween pumpkins. If you're like me and are just now getting around to decorating your porch for the oncoming onslaught of trick or treaters, these ideas are just what the doctor ordered. Head on over to Papernstitch to check them out, and have a great weekend!


Tuning in With...

Hey kiddos! Well...I'm SO excited to finally get started on this series that I conjured up many, many months ago. And what better day to start it off than National Music Day? I'm a firm believer that no matter what profession you're in, music is somehow involved. Whether you're creating it, are inspired by it, or just use it to get through the workday, it is something that's deeply personal to each listener.

A lot of times, when I'm thrifting by myself, I pop in my ear buds as I roam the aisles, and I find it really helps me concentrate on the often-intimidating task at hand (plus it's usually a lot better than the music that's playing in the store!). So I thought it'd be fun to "tune in" with other thrifters to see what gets them going! The person interviewed had one of two options: create an ultimate thrift mix that represents their personality, or take a favorite thrifted item (or outfit!) and create a mix inspired by it.

Here to get things going on this inaugural series post is non other than one of my favorite thrifters: Van from Thrift Core (pictured above). And let me tell you, this lady is loaded with talent. Not only does she run her own antique booth featuring tons of quirky and cute items, she's also an artist (see her work here) and is on her way to opening her own shop (read more about that here).

She said the following six songs "represent music that makes me happy and inspired when I hear them." Let's see what music means to her, and what songs she picked...

Thank you, Van, for taking the time to share your mix with us!

Today Is...

{Original photo by NRGL Photography}

{Cigar Box Amp by Squier}

{Headphones Print by Johnny and Stacie}

{Treble Clef/Music Note Pretzels by Modern Wife}

{Retro Ring by Le Petit Foyer}

{Analog Synthesizer Poster by Handz}

{Bagpipe App by NETTuno}

{The Recipe Project Cookbook}

All images pinned here.


The Thrifted Kitchen {Taffy "Apple" Doughnuts}

Good morning all! I hope you're hungry for a delicious bite! I'm switching things up today as I'll be starting a new post series tomorrow that I'm really excited about. So from now on, tune in on Wednesdays for thrifted recipes, and tomorrow for....oop! You'll just have to come back to find out! :)

This week's Thrifted Kitchen is perfect for those of you hosting an upcoming Halloween bash. It's a really clever take on taffy apples that's easy to whip up and comes from Mrs. Albert Krauthamer of Indianapolis, who was the senior winner in the "breads" category of Pillsbury's 5th 100 Grand National Recipes booklet from 1954.

Now...I made these — or at least planned to — by following the recipe to a T. Then the honey I thought we had the cabinet performed an amazing disappearing act, so I was left to whip up a quick glaze for the doughnuts instead of the honey syrup. They still tasted good, but I can imagine how they taste with the syrup, and I beg of you to be sure you have honey before you start making these! :)

In the photo they show the doughnuts on short skewers, which are then pushed into apples that are sitting in a bowl (cute), and Mrs. Krauthamer suggests serving them with mugs of apple cider (yum).

Taffy "Apple" Doughnuts
Makes 3 1/2 dozen doughnuts
Fry at 350 degrees for 3 to 4 minutes

Sift together :: 2 1/4 cups sifted flour
                        2 teaspoons baking powder
                        1 teaspoon salt
                        1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Blend together ::  1/4 cup Crisco and
                             1/2 cup sugar, creaming well.

Blend in :: 2 eggs, well beaten

Combine :: 1/2 cup milk and
                   1 teaspoon vanilla. Add alternately with the dry ingredients to creamed mixture, beginning
                   and ending with dry ingredients. Blend thoroughly after each addition. (With electric mixer
                   use low speed.)

Drop :: by rounded teaspoonfuls into hot deep fat at 350 degrees (I used vegetable oil). Fry until golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes. Drain on absorbent paper.

Insert :: a wooden skewer or stick firmly into each doughnut ball. Dip each doughnut into hot honey syrup, then sprinkle with finely chopped nuts. Place on wire rack to cool thoroughly.

Honey Syrup

Combine 3/4 cup honey and 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar in saucepan. Bring to boil. Reheat if syrup becomes too thick.


Sustainable Style: Just Sweets

 I love discovering new-to-me food-related things happening here in St. Louis, and today's Sustainable Styler is one you won't want to miss. Andrea Reubin, baker and founder of online dessertery Just Sweets, takes the words luscious and fair trade and combines them to make what look like deliciously decadent desserts.

Among her repertoire are dark chocolate cakes with fluffy icing, a raspberry pastry that looks divine, sweet buns, chocolate chip cookies and two different kinds of babka. And they're all made with certified fair trade ingredients.

Reubin sources her supplies through a combination of local farms and fair trade cooperative in Peru, Paraguay, India and Malawi, and it's clear from the language on her site that she's passionate about baking, and doing it in a way that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

All her desserts are available to order online, either in a single batch or in weekly, monthly or twice monthly subscriptions. Be sure and visit the Just Sweets site to learn more, and keep this place in mind for the upcoming holidays, both for parties and gifts (cause I know I am!).

All images courtesy of Just Desserts.


Style Spots: Warm Weather Wins

I'm a bit conflicted about the weather lately. Earlier last week, it started to get chilly, and I started breaking out my sweaters. I even splurged a little on some new fall/winter boots (I officially have my first pair of knee-high boots and LOVE them). Then, this weekend, temperatures were on the rise again, leaving us with gorgeous weather in the 70s and 80s. It was a fine weekend for estate sales, but I had to leave my boots in the box for another day, or my feet would have roasted. I know, I know, talk to me in December and ask if I still think this kind of weather is something to be conflicted about (my answer will surely be no, since I'll be suffering from chronic cold feet and hands).

I often notice that nice weather brings more people to estate sales, and that was the case this weekend. Friday morning, my friend Jeff — one of my husband's best friends who is proving to be my most consistent estate sale friend — and I went to a couple sales. The first was in Crestwood, and the second on The Hill. I found stuff at both, but Jeff...well, he is quite impressive. He can go a whole day of estate sales and not buy anything, because he knows what he's looking for, and if it's not there, then there is nothing to get. I wish I could show such self-restraint at times.

Saturday my mom and I headed to a couple rummage sales and two estate sales. The first rummage was at St. John's at Lindbergh and I-55, and their rummage sales are by far the best I've been to. There is loads of stuff, and lots of really cute older ladies and gentlemen who help run it (they all wear vests with smiley faces on them!). And the prices are very, very reasonable. Their next one is in April, and I've already got my calendar marked. The other sales were okay...one in Affton that had some good stuff, and one in U-City that had some great stuff, but very overpriced (they wanted $12 for sweaters, which is more expensive [by far] than thrift stores). By the time we hit our second rummage, it was almost over and there wasn't much left, so we called it a day at noon and I went home a happy girl. Here's the haul...

My heart jumped when I saw this at a local Value Village: a round hat box suitcase from American Tourister. The same green as my other luggage. :)

And the lining is so pretty...

An old yellow Coke crate.

Vintage cookbooks (of course). That Good Housekeeping one is a third printing from 1934. And the white booklet is titled "Dishes Men Like." I love those because it's such a sign of the times.

Some older Rubbermaid shelf liner.

Four Gloria Vanderbilt "Forever Thine" plates from the 1970s.

Three scarves (top is Oscar de la Renta, bottom two are handmade).

Green and white apron.

A folky/kitschy apron.

A really neat table runner that has an animal pattern.

Black and gold purse.

A really nice light wool skirt, size 8 (in case you're interested!).

Two wool berets.

An Amelia Earhart travel bag.

A bubble umbrella with red trim.

I fell in love with this pillow.

And a twin bedspread from India that I'm using as a tablecloth.

Goes great with our table runner from Guatemala!

As always (unfortunately), I'm still uber behind on listing stuff on Etsy, so if you see something you like, email me at SecondHandWithStyle@gmail.com and I can give you more information!

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