Style Spots: Slim Pickings

Happy Monday afternoon all! I'm happy to report we had a great weekend full of family, friends and a Cardinals win last night! :) I managed to sneak in a couple estate sales before heading to the Autism Speaks Walk in Forest Park, and despite high prices and not much to pick from, I did pick up some things...

Two old hand drills that I'm going to use in a shelving project, just as soon as I can find that DIY tutorial. :)

An old leather purse with fab brown and white stripes in the lining.

A vintage red Samsonite purse, with the tags still on it.

A really cute vintage apron.

A vintage folky tea towel.

A handmade tree skirt made from vintage fabric.

And a cute white crocheted hat, complete with a pom pom top!

What about you? Were you able to score any goodies this weekend?

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  1. I love both the red bags! You always have such great finds!

  2. Very intrigued to hear more about the project you have in mind for the drills.

    Love both bags too. Thanks for linking up x

  3. I love your finds this week. . .that hat is so adorable!
    oh, and how about those Cardinals! yeah!

  4. Love the bags but also the sweet apron

  5. Wonderful finds. I adore that white crochet hat.

  6. Really love the apron and the vintage drills...Fab!

  7. Those drill handles are sweet. Would love to see the shelf project when you complete it.

  8. Amazing finds! I love that red bag so much. Just out of curiosity, where do you usually go thrifting? I am a student at Washington University, but I don't know the St. Louis area very well and I would love to check out the local thrift shops.

  9. Hey ladies! Thanks to all for stopping by!

    Lizzie & Tammy: I'll be sure to post the shelf project once I can find that darn DIY I came across some months ago.

    And Lizard, here are places I would recommend that are close to the Wash U. campus that aren't the "vintage" store (i.e. super pricey):

    - The two antique malls on Big Bend, just south of Manchester.

    - The Goodwill on Olive in U. City

    - The Goodwill on Manchester in Brentwood

    - And the Scholar Shop on Clayton, right across from the Galleria

    Hope that helps!


  10. ohhh you say slim pickins I say great finds!! so many beautiful things--the tree skirt though is fantastic!


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