Sustainable Style: Angel Baked Cookies

Last Friday I went over to Maude's Market to pick up our weekly CSA share, and while I was waiting in line I noticed this basket of giant cookies that looked too good not to pick one up. The front label said they came from an organization called Angel Baked Cookies here in St. Louis, specifically the North Grand Neighborhood. They call themselves a "social enterprise" that aims to empower young kids in the neighborhood with "skills needed to become future leaders."

Intrigued, I bought a chocolate-chip cookie, which didn't make it home alive, and saved the wrapper so I could look up their website. On it I learned that the cookies are lovingly made by 13 local kids who run all aspects of the operation out of the parish hall at Saints Teresa and Bridget Catholic Church, and they distribute their cookies to a lot of local stores and markets.

They were featured in the St. Louis Review a couple years ago, and if you click here (which I strongly encourage you to do!) you can watch a slide show with audio interviews that are really encouraging, and learn more about this part of this city, which is trying so hard in so many ways to create positive changes for its residents.

{Images courtesy of St. Louis Review}

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