Sustainbale Style: Endangered Species Chocolate

I realized yesterday that we're only 2 weeks away from Halloween, and all my decorations are still packed in a box (oops). Not only that, but I haven't even thought about what candy to get for what will (hopefully) be our very first trick-or-treaters. I'm way, way past the days of getting all dressed up and going to a party that makes me feel like it's my freshman year of college again (something I'd prefer not to relive, if you catch my drift), and would much rather greet some cute kiddos at the door and listen to them try and remember what joke they were suppose to tell.

But I digress.

I don't know if you've read recent articles that talk about how most of the major candy companies use child slave labor to produce a large amount of their chocolate, but I have. And this has sent me on a search for some alternative options for Halloween candy. The down side is most of the fair trade candy out there is a bit more expensive than your favorite bulk bag, but here's how I justify the extra bucks: 1) the other stuff is less expensive because of how it's produced (i.e. child labor), and 2) some of the fair trade candy comes with really positive messages that (hopefully) parents will relay to their kids before they break open the chocolate and scarf their way to a tummy ache.

The chocolate I think I've settled on for the upcoming holiday comes from Endangered Species. They started back in 1993 with 12 chocolate bars with the goal of educating people about the plants and animals that are quickly decreasing in numbers around the world. They've now grown to produce 30 different products and are one of the leading natural chocolate companies around.

All their cacao comes from farm cooperatives where the farmers are paid fair wages, and they donate a minimum of $10,000 each year to each company they partner with (ones that are working to save endangered plants and animals).

They currently have a large selection of bulk bite-size chocolates available for purchase. They also have ones called Bug Bites (pictured at the top), which come with insect trading cards, and milk and dark chocolate Halloween Treats by the bag or in bulk.

Last week they Tweeted a coupon code, so maybe they'll have another one for us late planners as All Hallows Eve draws near? We'll see. In the meantime, I'm getting my cart ready! :)

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