DIY Idea {Pumpkin Whoopie Pie Kit}

So this Halloween, I was one of the late planners who went to the garden store the day of and bought a slew of pie pumpkins (that were on super sale, mind you) to decorate the porch. The next day, I was left with six sad little guys, wondering if they were just going to sit out in the cold forever.

Eventually I plucked one and brought it inside, baked it and scooped out the flesh to make pumpkin puree. It turned out great, but I didn't want to make a year's worth of pumpkin puree for us, and I didn't want them to go to waste, so I decided I'd incorporate them into a little pumpkin whoopie pie kit to give to some friends. I made this whoopie pie recipe some weeks ago and they turned out amazing, so I thought it would be fun to pass it along, DIY-style.

The only thing I had to go and buy were some pint-size Ball jars, but they don't cost very much if you get a whole case (which I did...because if you don't use them all for this, you can use them as glasses or candle holders...they're so versatile!).

While I was out I tried to find some chalkboard labels, but couldn't. I had some leftover chalkboard paint at home from the board the hubs made me months ago, so I hopped online to see how to make your own labels. I found this tutorial and, lucky me, we had some mailing labels in the office. It was really easy to do, and the dry time is SO short I was able to start using them within hours.

As the labels were drying, I traced the jar seals onto some card stock I had leftover from our wedding and placed the cut-out circles on top of the seal and under the screw-on part so the tops would be pretty.

Then I measured out all the ingredients and separated them by which ones can be mixed together. So I put the pumpkin puree in one, brown sugar in another, then combined the flour and other dry ingredients in the third. The last one I filled with chocolate chips so the baker can put in as many as they want. Then I cut out my freshly made labels and put them on the jars!

After that I printed out the recipe and put it all on a thrifted platter (which I included in the gift so they can serve the whoopie pies on it after they're made!). All the recipient has to do is supply the wet ingredients (eggs, oil and milk), and since everything else is all measured out, it'll come together in a jiffy. Plus they get four jars with labels they can reuse!


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