Parsimonia Online Store Is Open!

Yay!! After many (many) long hours and a really late night last night, I am happy to announce that the Parsimonia online store is open for business!! It's broken into three sections: vintage clothing, vintage accessories (think purses and wallets) and vintage home decor (anything from a candle holder to fabric napkins). I still have another page of accessories and home decor to get on there, but for now there is plenty of eye candy! :) Here are some shots of the inventory...

Currently you can only access the store on your home computer, but we're working with the developer to speed up the process on an eCommerce feature! So hold tight all you on-the-go shoppers! :)

Also, I would SO LOVE if you could help spread the word about this new project via your own blog or some Twitter and Facebook lovin'. Speaking of Facebook...I think now is the perfect time to recap the grand opening giveaway!!

I'm packing two vintage coffee jars full of vintage items I've thrifted over the past year, and here's how you can enter for a chance to win one: go to the Parsimonia Facebook page and "like" it, then leave a comment on the wall telling me which item in the store is your favorite. That's it!

I'll keep the giveaway open for one week, then announce the winners on Monday, Dec. 5! Good luck!


  1. Just found your blog the other day through a link from a link from a link. I've been perusing and enjoying past posts, got all happy when I realized I was reading a fellow St Louis girl (city even - holla!), and now I'm extra super happy to see you have a new store up. Congratulations - always cool to see a local girl doing something new - I'll definitely spread the word for you!


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