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Happy Monday, all! Are you in the throes of getting ready for the big feast later this week? And perhaps some abbreviated work days? :) I'm bringing a couple dishes over to my parents' place since they're hosting this year: mushroom risotto served in roasted acorn squash bowls, and my pumpkin-chocolate chip whoopie pies! What I'm most looking forward to though are the mashed potatoes...they've been my favorite part since I was little, and that's what I usually go back for seconds for (sometimes thirds...eek!).

This weekend was pretty crazy busy for me. I've been working some long nights trying to get everything ready for the big website launch on Friday, and yesterday my friend Kristi helped a ton with shooting some photos of the inventory. I think we worked from like 11 a.m. to about 8 p.m. or something crazy like that. But I love how they turned out and am so excited to get this project finished!

I did manage to sneak out for about an hour on Saturday morning since there were two estate sales within five minutes of our house. The first one had a ton of architectural salvage, and I walked away with two old beveled mirrors that I'm hoping the hubs will help me attach chains to and we can hang them in the hallway. They're still packed in the car, so I didn't have a chance to shoot some photos of them, but I definitely will once they're on the wall!

The second sale was kind of sad...a house that was jam-packed with stuff in a house that belonged to an elderly lady. I've been to several of these before, and it makes me mad when other people rummaging through the items kind of make fun of the person who just passed, or remark about how they can't believe she let herself accumulate so much stuff. I think it's such a disrespectful thing to do, and a couple times I've said something back to these people, because who are we to judge? You don't know what that person's last years were like, if they had any friends or family, if they were happy or lonely. Have any of you experience the same thing?

I, for one, was grateful to this lady because I left with several pieces of clothing for the store, a really cute old GE kitchen clock (the kind where the cord runs down the wall, pictured above), and a roll of contact paper with a nice mod floral pattern. Want to see?

Your turn! Did you thrift any goodies this week?

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  1. This post made me think and I have never seen a clock quite like that.

  2. I LOVE both your stripe dresses, they are pure gorgeousness :0)

  3. That clock reminds me of one my Grandma had. Cool.

  4. good for you--sheesh folks can be so rude, but perhaps(I'm thinking of myself here) they didn't realize they were being rude? I often speak first and regret later. Who knows.

    that red and white dress is awesome!!

  5. I really like the clock - very stylish and lovely, readable numbers too.

    Wasn't sure what you meant by 'contact paper' then I realised it was what my mum used to call 'Fablon' or 'sticky back plastic'. Useful stuff and you've found a fab print.

  6. Oh yep, that clock is AMAZE. Good work. Love a good vintage clock, although my two lovelies loose time- at the moment it is 8:30 in the hall and 7:55 in the kitchen. But they look pretty... :)

  7. We had that clock in our kitchen back in the 60's. I remember it well. I believe my mother got it with her Blue Chip Stamps.

  8. Laura: That is definitely possible I think for some folks, I think. But others just go above and beyond the initial surprised feeling, which I think is a wee bit unnecessary. But you're right...who knows?

    Minibreakmummy: I love hearing what different things are called in different countries! Thanks for sharing that!

    Lulastic: Pretty is what's most important, right? :)

    I'm loving how many memories that clock is bringing back to people! Thanks all for stopping by!


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