Style Spots: Such Great Distances

Happy Monday all! I don't know about you, but I took yesterday as a day of relaxation after a crazy busy holiday weekend: eating way too much on Thursday, seeing The Muppet Movie on Friday (followed by eating way too much leftovers), Saturday morning breakfast followed by some thrifting, Saturday night 10-year high school reunion, and Sunday morning estate sales. By yesterday afternoon, I was ready to veg (instead of taking photos of my new items like a good vintage reseller would), so you can thank my comfortable couch and a cozy blanket for such a late post today. :)

The one estate sale I went to on Saturday was a bust...it was a really beautiful old house in Kirkwood, with some amazing vintage/industrial farm items inside, but the prices were way too high for this girl. Undeterred, I skipped over to the Goodwill on Manchester in Crestwood, but left empty-handed there, too. As a last-ditch effort before heading home, I stopped at Value Village in Kenrick, and finally found some buy-worthy items! I picked up two Target dresses for myself, as well as these bowls...

I have a matching platter that I thrifted years ago in California and I hope to slowly collect a set. It's by a British company called Sheffield.

I also came home with these amazingly awesome (and super 80s/90s) boots, which will be up in the store later this week...

Then yesterday morning I drove all the way out to St. Charles for an estate sale. I had a good feeling about it since it had listed lots of "retro" items, and I wasn't disappointed! Everything was half off since it was the last day of the sale, so I got a great deal on all this stuff...

Some nice mid-century gold birds for your wall? They'll be up in the store this week...

I grabbed this vintage white Christmas wreath for our house. I'm going only red and white this year.

An ornate vintage wall frame that will be going up in the store.

And two really pretty silk-blend pillows that will be going in the store.

On the way home I stopped by the Goodwill in St. Charles, and then the one in U-City on Olive. At the former I picked up this set of four teal/aqua Depression glass goblets...

And at the latter I picked up a vintage women's coat, a Vera Neumann tablecloth, a purse and some Pyrex...

Love the colors!

How about you? Did you find time for a thrift break during the holidays?

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  1. Dying over your Pyrex. I have the casserole in that pattern!

  2. Oh Beth:) The things you pick up do look lovely:) oh and I like the name Beth! Haha! Have a great week love!

  3. Ah.. those birds... so dreamy :)

  4. I love the Goodwill in St. Charles. The one off of 94 & Harvester is great too!!
    I am a Chesterfield raised now living out in O'Fallon blogger!

  5. Dana: Nice! Well if you want to add to your collection... :)

    Beth: Thank you! I like your name, too. :)

    Lulastic: And they're huge! They were hung over a fireplace at the house where I got them. Looked really pretty.

    Bonnie: I have actually been to that one, too! On the way home from Wentzville one day. Have you been to the Salvation Army in St. Charles? Every time I go they're closed and I'm dying to know if there are treasures in there! :)

    Unmitigated me: I had an iPhone blooper and my finger hit "delete" instead of "publish" on your comment (sorry!). But I'll paste it below. Thanks for filling me in on the name of the Depression glass, and yes, the coat will be going up in the store! Let me know if you want any other info about it!

    *Unmitigated's accidentally deleted comment:

    "Depression glass that color is usually called Capri blue. I have a few pieces in that color, and it's really striking in person. Is that coat going in the shop? It's amazing!"

  6. You have the best luck at estate sales, i've been to like 2 good ones in my life! Lucky gal!

  7. I'd love to get my hands on that coat! Is there a tag with the size? I know you usually post measurements in the shop, so those would be fine, too!


  8. Thank you, Alyssa! I am lucky to find the things I do. It is really fun.

    And Unmitigated, sending you the measurements now!

  9. You talk about a store, but where is it. This is my first time on a blog. I always wondered what a blog was. please e-mail me with the info at rumbler@comcast.net. donna

  10. Hi Donna! If you go to the top of the page and look to the right, there's an image that says "Parsimonia Online Store." Just click it and it will take you there. Thanks!


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