Style Spots: Vintage & The Big Apple

Good morning all! How was your weekend? The hubs and I made it back to St. Louis yesterday morning, and practically passed out as soon as we got home. I hardly slept while we were in New York, partly due to excitement and partly because that's how I am when I visit someplace I've never been. My mind is always working on what to do next, where to eat next and making sure I don't miss a thing! And I feel like we accomplished that. We had a lot of great food, went to some awesome places and I even got to do a little "thrifting" while I was there.

I put that in quotes because thrifting in New York is like shopping at a regular retail store here. Yes, the stuff is amazing, and the stores are styled beyond belief, but the prices...eek! They were something I am just not used to anymore, at least not since I lived in L.A. So, I came home with only two things to share.

I mentioned on Friday that Sarah Gray Miller (editor of Country Living) sent me over to 23rd Street in the Gramercy area of Manhattan to check out a couple stores. I literally went right after I got back from the luncheon, ha. The first was Housing Works, which, from what I can tell, is a local chain of boutique thrift stores. When I got in there, I was really impressed with the styling. The window displays set up little home scenes, the clothes were hung on these industrial pipes that had rustic wood shelves at the top, and things were so organized! No clothes on the floor, or digging through layer after layer of housewares. So I just walked around for the first few minutes, taking it all in, getting ideas for whenever I'm able to open my own store.

Eventually I started going through the clothing racks, having a mini-heart attack when I looked at the price tags for things I liked. So I moved onto the furniture section, then the shoes, then the housewares. Nothing really jumped out at me that I had to have, so I just kept walking around. There were a lot of attendants keeping an eye on things, and I wasn't sure how they'd feel about photographs, so I don't have any to share (sorry).

After that I went around the corner to Vintage Thrift Shop on 3rd Avenue. It was much smaller than the Housing Works spot, but I feel it had more stuff, which played to its advantage. Everything was organized and somewhat styled, but you felt like you were treasure hunting a bit more since there were so many layers to go through.

Plus, their book and housewares sections were much larger than the other one. I spent probably a good 45 minutes in here and ended up trying on a vintage beaded cardigan that I really loved, but it was $45 and I just couldn't bring myself to get it.

I also found a Catherineholm pot that I was tempted to pick up, but it was a pea green and I'm trying to stick with kitchenware in the right color palette to save me from buying everything I think is cute. :) I did, however, find a little white-and-aqua mug that's within that palette and was only $1.00, so I snatched it up.

After that it was time to meet up with the hubs for dinner, which means I didn't get to shop at the four-story Salvation Army that Sarah told me about. I guess we'll just have to make another trip sometime! :)

On Friday we hopped on the subway and went into Brooklyn. I quickly sent a tweet to Jessica over at Krrb to ask which thrift/vintage shops she really liked, and she replied with Antoinette Brooklyn and Sunday Love.

I cannot tell you how much I loved Antoinette! Lexi, the store owner, is such a sweet person and we chatted for a long while. And the story of her store (which just opened this past May) is so great. It's named after her mother, who was in the fashion industry in the '50s, and all her inventory essentially comes from her mom's closet.

I ended up buying this super '60s dress (which fits me like a glove!) and she said her aunt gave it to her mom (right, Lexi?). So now, whenever I wear it, I'll remember that special connection with her store, and I think that's such a unique thing to be able to offer your customers.

Then we headed to the other side of Grand and stopped by Sunday Love. The outside was so cute, with inventory artfully spilled onto the sidewalk. Then you go down some steps into the shop itself, which has that rustic/repurposed style to it. They also carry some products from locals artisans, so as you walk through you get a set of vintage dishes styled next to a box of handmade necklaces. And all around were some really neat illustrated music posters. I found lots of ideas and inspiration from this store.

Well I think that wraps it up! What about you? Were you able to find any goodies this weekend?

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  1. So interesting to see what the thrift stores in NYC look like.

    That dress is very swish - you must be so pleased it fits you well.

  2. I am drooling. As if I needed any more reasons to go to New York. These stores look amazinggg.

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  3. OH! It is my absolute dream to come to America for some thrift shopping. I follow so many beautiful blogs from America that are full of amazing images and tales of bargains for a $1, Estate sales, etc. One day, one day.

    I love your post, its lovely to see the thrifty side of New York. I am sure I would never come home xx

  4. Really really great post - I almost felt like I'd been on a shopping trip with you!

    Thanks for linking up.

  5. Great post and that dress looks so very flattering

  6. Great little tour! Shows how lucky we are to have cheap thrifts stores, the digging is the fun part!

    That dress is great too!


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