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Good morning all! I am SO excited to have Elissa from Dress With Courage sharing her mix with us today! I've been reading her blog for a while now, and I so value her thoughtful posts, her honesty and her willingness to share so much of her life with us. She also has an amazing series on how to identify and date vintage clothing that you must check out! For now, though, she's put together a great mix inspired by one of her thrifted blouses, so let's hear how that came together!

From Elissa...

Hi all! I’m Elissa, from the blog Dress With Courage. I blog about personal style, body image, vintage and thrifting, and I was so flattered when Beth asked me to contribute to this project.

I’m intrigued the concept of using a thrifted piece of clothing to inspire a music mix. Considering that most of my thrifted pieces are from a wide range of eras, using that influence to create a mix can yield some pretty eclectic results. Luckily, my music tastes are pretty much all over the map, so thrifting works well for inspiration. 

For this project, I decided to use this vintage 1940s beaded blouse I thrifted a few months ago from Goodwill. It’s delicate and pretty, the color is soft. It’s also the kind of piece that looks great dressed up or paired with jeans for decidedly less glamorous tasks.
Here’s a music mix that this blouse inspires me to listen to!
"Helena Beat," Foster the People: The perfect song to listen to while getting ready for a night out. It’s upbeat and impossible not to smile to. I saw Foster the People at Austin City Limits back in September, and let me tell you, those guys know how to party. 

"Dreams," Brandi Carlile: Much like this blouse, this song never fails to make me happy. Unearthing it was kind of a dream thrifting score, so this song is definitely appropriate!

"Upside Down," Paloma Faith:
This song is a mix of musical influences, from jazz to blues to pop. It’s the musical equivalent of this beaded blouse paired with jeans. Unexpected, but it works.

"Love On Top," Beyonce: I first heard "Love On Top" when Beyonce sang it during this year’s MTV Music Video Awards. She wore a sequined tuxedo jacket and looked radiant. Now, I associate any sequined and beaded pieces with it.
"Nothing Brings Me Down," Emiliana Torrini: Thrifting is my guaranteed happy time, even when I don’t manage to find anything as special as this blouse. I always think of this song while thrifting. It’s a lovely devotional to the little joys in life.

Hand in Glove," The Smiths: I love me some Smiths. Love, love, love.

Wish You Were Here," Pink Floyd: This has been my favorite song since high school. Back then, I’d listen to it on my yellow Walkman — which was approximately the size and weight of a brick — while I thrifted. I thrifted out of necessity then, scraping together my babysitting money for Levis. I would have died if I found this blouse back then.

Music has always had great value in my life. For years I had aspirations of becoming a professional musician, spending both high school and college in music conservatory. During that time a lot of the joy of music was absent — I was too competitive and stressed to enjoy it. But now, I see music as a refuge.

Thank you, Beth, for the opportunity to be involved in this project!

And thank you, Elissa!! :)

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