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Happy Wednesday, all! I am SO excited to share this week's Thrift Mix with you. It comes from Rhoda, who writes one of my go-to thrifting blogs, Southern Hospitality. When I first learned of her blog, I was just heading over there to link up to her Thrifty Treasures posts, but each week I found myself staying just a little longer...checking out her beautiful DIY projects, or drooling over homes in her Feature Friday posts. And now I can't imagine my Google Reader without it! :)

This woman, to steal her own words, is certainly a "GRITS" (girl raised in the South) who has a strong voice, an amazing eye and an inspirational story (she just started a new series about her blogging adventure that you should absolutely read!)

Today she's been kind enough to share a mix inspired by one of her thrifted outfits, and it's full of the kind of music I love: classic, jazzy and soulful. Let's hear what she has to say about it!

From Rhoda...

"I'm an old-school girl when it comes to music. My musical tastes stopped somewhere around 1982 or so. :)  Not completely true, but I seriously love the old stuff and think it was the best. Anything that is new and sounds old will get my attention, like Duffy's 'Mercy.' I love jazz and interesting melodies."

Rhoda's mix was inspired by the below outfit, which she thrifted with her keen eye. It's a top from Ann Taylor top and Chico's skirt (that's right, you can get brand-name clothing at thrift stores!) and might I just say she looks stunningly sophisticated? :)

Thank you so much, Rhoda, for sharing with us! :)

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