Saucy Bites {Meatless Loaf & Mashed Potatoes}

Happy Friday to you all! I am SO excited the weekend is here...unfortunately it will be a busy one! I'm a vendor at the Holidays in Old North show tomorrow, which I'm really excited about. There are all kinds of positive things happening up there as people in St. Louis work to restore and rejuvenate the area, and I can't wait to finally get a glimpse of it all!

On another St. Louis-related note, some of you might know I do some freelance work for Sauce magazine, which is the authority on food in the fair city. Part of this work includes a vegetarian column I share with another writer, and I love doing it. I get to experiment with different ways of making meat-based dishes into delish vegetarian options, then have my recipe photographed by a professional photographer (nice!).

I thought I'd start directing you the articles whenever a new issue comes out, just in case you want to give the recipe a try! For the December issue I made a meatless loaf inspired by three recipes: one from Cook's Illsutrated, one from The Moosewood Cookbook and the one my mom makes. Then I added on my dad's recipe for mashed potatoes, because, well, you just can't have one without the other!

To see the recipe, head over to the Sauce website, and check out the other Vegetize It articles while you're there (I'm fairly proud of the "crab" cakes I concocted a couple months ago). :)

* P.S. I'm still new to the whole "scanning" thing...so sorry for a grainy photo! *

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