Snapshots From Holidays in Old North

As promised, here are some shots from my setup at the Holidays in Old North show this past Saturday. I posted most of them to my Instagram account, but just in case you're not a follower there...

Made a new pennant banner for the new clothing rack setup.

We were encouraged to decorate for the holidays!

Found this (and another) vintage Thermos the day before the show and remembered a DIY from DesignSponge
that put pine branches in them, so I did it, too! :)

Sold two of these, even though they were only decorations! Never know what buyers are going to want! :)

The red and gray ones sold at the same time. Hopefully it didn't give the blue Samsonite an inferiority complex. :)

I loved, loved, loved the venue, and hope they have more shows in the future! Such a great space and a great vibe.


  1. adorable! hope you were super successful! do you mind if i ask how much you sell your samsonite bags for? they were going well in my booth, so i made a whole row of them and have them priced 22-28 but haven't sold a single one since i made a row of them on a shelf! (photo: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7158/6489435427_4f5786d1aa_b.jpg)

  2. Hey Jamie! That's pretty much the same price range mine are at. I don't have any experience with selling in an antique booth (and yours is super cute by the way!), but I'm wondering if you had success when they weren't in a row, maybe you should go back to that and see if they start selling again? Although if I were passing by your booth and saw all those, I'd definitely stop and check them out. It's so eye-catching! Not much help, I know...It's so difficult to pin down what drives customers to buy!

  3. thanks beth! maybe between Christmas and New Year's I will go in and re-arrange. I'd love to paint my booth - I think they trust me enough now to let me do that! The older couple that runs the mall were a little skeptical of a whippersnapper like me when I first moved in. :) maybe i will mix up the bags and see what happens!!


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