Sustainable Style: Earth Lab Designs

So I have a bit of an obsession with pillows. Wherever they are in a store, be it thrift or regular retail, it's usually the first place I'm drawn. It's such an easy way to change something up in a room, whether it's permanent or just for the holidays, and there are some seriously cute and creative ones out there nowadays, like the ones in the Earth Lab Etsy store.

Based in Rome (as in Italy), Kate creates beautiful designs from organic cotton, recycled eco-felt and upcycled vintage fabric. I was drawn in by the neural-toned block pillows, but she also has loads of whimsical ones that would be perfect for a kid's room, or even an adult (let's be honest here...we all love cute animals...).

Unfortunately, I think we've cut it a bit close to get any in time for Christmas, but luckily there are plenty of gift-giving days ahead of us, so keep Earth Lab in mind for your pillow-loving pal. Also be sure and check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, and their blog!

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  1. Hi, this is Kate from Earthlab, thanks for such a great review, and what a fabulous blog! Thanks again,


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