Style Spots: One Day Only

Well it's certainly winter. The temperatures may not be cutting through our jackets yet here in St. Louis, but the gloomy, sunless days have arrived, and it's so demotivating! But that's enough negative talk. Today is going to be an exciting one: sharing my thrifted finds, then announcing the winners of the online store giveaway later this afternoon!

Saturday, as you may remember, was the Artrophy show down in The Loop, and I had so much fun. Not one of my most successful shows, but I got to know a couple of the vendors next to me and made some great connections. As such, there was no going to estate sales that day, but I did go to one on Sunday afternoon, and a couple thrift stores that were en route to some errands I was running.

The estate sale was fairly cleaned out, but I spotted this beautiful little gal in the corner in the basement (and she's in pristine condition!):

After that I went to the Goodwill in...well, I'm not sure where it technically is, but it's off Highway 30 (which is Gravois east of 141), and found three Target sweaters. Then I braved the masses at Garden Ridge because I heard they had white Christmas trees on sale. I've had it in my head all year that I want our Christmas decorations to be red and white, and I really wanted a white tree with red ornaments (I'd already been collecting red ones from thrift stores all year). But when I got to the Ridge, the cheapest "big" one was $99 and it was skinny (although today it's now on sale for $75, still too rich for my blood!), so I resigned myself to getting a live green tree.

That's when the blessing of the day occurred. :) I stopped by Value Village on my way home, and after walking through the front door I practically ran into a 6-foot white tree already assembled and waiting for a home. I started searching for a price tag, saying silent prayers that it wasn't too expensive, and when I saw it was only $35 I told the lady at the counter to consider it sold. They even disassembled it for me and put it back in the box, so add that to the list of reasons why this chain of thrifts is my favorite here in St. Louis.

When I got home that afternoon I couldn't wait to reassemble it and finally get some Christmas into this house. Here's a little series of shots to document the progress. There are still some ornaments to get on there, and I have to find a tree topper, but I love how it's looking!

What do you think?

Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to my cousin, Jen, who went on a thrifting spree last week and pick this Butterfly Gold refrigerator dish up for me:

She also scored a seriously cute Amelia Earhart tweed train case, and a set of Pottery Barn dishes that were a steal! I think she's hooked now...or at least I hope so. :) Love you, Jen!

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  1. Beautiful blog! Just discovered it today.I look forward to following your thrifty treasures. What a lovely, icy tree.

  2. Great tree! I am so tired of my green one, but once it is up, I do love it! Looks beautiful with all the red.

  3. The whit tree looks simply stunning.

    Obviously it was meant for you c

  4. What a lovely blog, found you through the Penny Worthy project hosted by Laura. Loving that red bag.

  5. Isn't it amazing when you find exactly what you want at a thrift for a perfect price? Your tree is the epitome of vintage Christmas chic, very '50s!

  6. that is an awesome tree Very pretty I found my tree at the consignment shop yesterday


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