Style Spots: The Wisconsin Way

Good Monday my dears! I hope you had a great weekend! Seems like the weather was fairly nice in St. Louis. When I got back yesterday I was happy to shed the heavy coat I'd been wearing in Chicago and Madison, both of which, by the way, were SO much fun! I'll post a few pictures later today, but right now I wanted to show you ca couple things I thrifted on my trip!

We were on our way to the downtown college area of Madison when we passed a St. Vincent de Paul Outlet. I'm fairly certain I exclaimed like a little girl and begged my friend driving to pull a U-turn, which she did. They were all very good sports. I'd never been to one of these before, but turns out it's just like the Goodwill Outlets, where everything is loaded in bins and you pay by the pound. I could've spent most of the morning there, but restrained myself to about 30 minutes or so. I ended up with a vintage Towncraft suitcase (which I could check, thanks to Southwest!) and two vintage sweaters, one men's and one women's.

I also wanted to share a couple things from last week that I forgot to post...a cute black lace dress with flowers, and another Towncraft suitcase that my grandma found for me!

All of these items will be available in the store after the holidays, or you can email me (see the Connect page) if there's something you have your eye on and just can't wait! :)

How did you thrifting adventures go this week? Any exciting finds?

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  1. Oh I have suitcase envy. Those are both too cute!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. Beautiful finds. I'm the kid that forces friends to swerve into thrift stores too...when they'll let me. Some won't ;) I love both the suitcases especially!

  3. The suitcases are both very pleasing to the eye, but the dress is something special. Gorgeous! Why do we not have thrift outlets here?!

  4. I have suitcase envy!

    I love the green one particularly.

  5. That a wonderful score you have had with those suitcases. They are just beautiful!
    Sophie x

  6. Wow, those suitcases are in amazing condition!! I have a mint green one myself that I totally adore.

  7. dude. suitcase envy. love both of them. and those sweaters are sweeeet. lurve!

  8. I have suitcase envy too! I've just been on ebay to see if I can find one for me ;-)

  9. Well ladies, if you like either of those, let me know! I'll give you a good deal! :)


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