Bites {Valentine's Day Heart Cake}

Last week I shared my version of a heart-shaped coffee cake as an idea for your Valentine's day breakfast. This week, we're moving to the other end of the day and concentrating on desserts. That's right...as in plural. I was a busy baking bee this week and was really inspired by a recipe from Betty Crocker's Party Book (again). It's a two-layer heart-shaped white cake with lemon filling and coconut (It's definitely as good as it sounds.)

BUT, before I share that Thrifted Kitchen recipe with you, I wanted to show you one of my own creations, inspired by a trip to Karen Ann's baking supply store here in St. Louis.

It started with some pink and white melting chocolate and plastic letter molds. Just melt the chocolate in a double boiler and pour it into the molds. Tamp it down so the letters set up smooth, then pop them in the refrigerator until they're solid. Turn the mold face-up (with the opening on the bottom) and gently push on the mold cavities until the letters pop out.

Then I made some red velvet cake from the box (gasp!) and frosted it with some vanilla butter cream frosting. Then I positioned my heart-shape cookie cutter in the middle of the frosted cake and pour some sprinkles in the middle (make sure you press them in a little before removing the cutter) and this is how it all turned out!

A little message to the hubs... :)

You can use whatever kind of cake you want, box or homemade. It'd also be cute to use pink frosting with white sprinkles, or red frosting with white and pink sprinkles...the combinations are as big as your imagination! Hope this leaves you inspired for the upcoming holiday! :)

Stay tuned this afternoon for that two-layer cake! I know you'll love it! 

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