DIY Friday

Friday is here! And thanks to this cold weather, I know what I'm going to do over the next two days: hole up at home and hopefully finish a couple projects I started earlier this week...perhaps while finishing Season 1 of Downtown Abbey? (Is anyone else totally hooked?) I love, love, love Maggie Smith, and she certainly does not disappoint in this series!

But back to the task at hand...I came across several DIYs this week that have my mind turning in inspiration. If you're feeling in a creative rut, I know some of these will help pull you out! Have a great weekend!

{Doorknob Wall Hooks by Imm Living via Poppytalk}

{Magazine Display by Ohhh... Mhhh... via Creature Comforts}

{Drum Lampshade Pendant Light by Smile and Wave}

{DIY Houses by Night by Fellow Fellow}

{Boxed Cushion via Design Sponge}

{Globe Centerpiece by Better Homes and Gardens}


  1. Oooh, nice door knob idea! I bought a box of old black enamel door knobs last summer and (shockingly) haven't done a thing with them. I thought they might make cool drawer pulls on a big dresser, but that would mean I need to get a big dresser too...

    1. Haha...I can TOTALLY relate to the whole buying things for DIY and then them sitting there for much longer than anticipated. :) I think they'd be really neat as dresser pulls. Maybe their size would give the piece some whimsy!


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