Style Spots: St. Charles Scores

We made it! Yes, to the end of the workweek, but also to the end of Style Spots for this week! I'm exhausted after taking all these photos, but I hope you've enjoyed a peek into what I've been doing during those weeks I was on a blog hiatus. This last group comes from last weekend, when my parents and I headed to St. Charles for an estate sale and then an epic day of thrifting...and I mean epic. We're talking like 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and I think my dad would have kept going if we hadn't run out of places to go!

I always enjoy spending Saturdays with them going on treasure hunts. We all get equally excited when someone finds something they've been looking for, or just something really awesome. And after this journey I can say I'm pretty familiar with St. Charles and a lot of Chesterfield now. I even have a few favorites places to check back with on days when I feel up for the drive.

Anywho...let's get to the goods!

A couple pair of very '80s/'90s earrings for my jewelry box.

Three vintage aprons headed to my next show in March.

I always see these in white and navy and pass them up; so excited I found them in black and white!

A bag of lace trim.

A super mid-century sewing chair made by Singer. The seat lifts off to store notions, etc. Headed for my craft room!

A patchwork quilt with lots of pretty vintage fabric.

Some amazing vintage sheets. They don't fit our beds, but I got them anyway. I'll probably use them for the fabric.

An ah-mazing women's "carpet bag" coat. The fabric is divine, and has black faux fur trim and a matching belt.
Headed to the store if you're interested! :)

A cute little pillow that only needs a button to be good as new.

I picked this ink pad up just for the design on the top. Isn't is fabulous? Love the typography. I'm going to try and turn it into a pencil case or something of the sort. Any ideas?

I got the lamp base a Goodwill in Chesterfield. It's one that was sent there from Target because it has a small crack in it,
but it's perfectly functional. So I brought it home to go with a lampshade I thrifted eons ago, and I think they complement
the bedding quite nicely! (Ignore the temporary nightstand, lol.)

And, lastly, I wanted to show you my new workspace! I've had my eye on this retro red-and-white enamel tap at the local antique mall. For the past 6 months it's been sitting there and I contemplated taking it home loads of time, but the price was too high for me. Then, right before Christmas, I went in there looking for a present and saw it had been marked down more than 50%. So I went back on New Year's weekend and it was still there, so I bought it...and I love it!

It helps break up the kitchen a bit and now the hubs and I have a cute little place to eat breakfast in the morning. Then I'll stay on and work there during the day because it's right next to a heating vent. :)

Well...(deep breath) that's it for this show! May your thrifting be bountiful this weekend!


  1. Jealous! Love it all :-)

  2. Love the coat! what size is it?

  3. Hey Jane! The size tag has been cut out, but here are the measurements:

    bust: 34 inches
    waist: 32 inches
    hips: 40 inches
    shoulder to shoulder: 14.5 inches
    shoulder to bottom hem: 31 inches
    sleeve length: 20.5 inches

    Email me if you're interested in price, etc. :)


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