Style Spots: Winning in McKinney

Alright, y'all. Time for some eye candy! Part one of the three-part Style Spots begins deep in the heart of Texas...well, not really the heart...more like the shoulder. :) We spent Christmas down there with the hubs's family, and on the day after Christmas I had made a date with Elissa of Dress With Courage — who conveniently lives in the same town (McKinney) — to go to a couple thrift stores.

I was so excited to finally get to meet Elissa and have her show me some of her favorite spots, and let me tell you: This lady knows her schizz-nit. I wish I could take her knowledge of brands/labels and import it into my brain. She helped me identify several vintage items, and I walked out of two thrift stores that day with an armload of blazers, a sweater and a scallop-neck dress, all of which are are gorgeous! And lucky for you, they'll be making their way into the store...

Hyde Point Petite Blazer

La Vanti blazer

Pendleton blazer

Russ striped sweater

Scaarsi dress

There's one other blazer I brought home and absolutely fell in love with, so it's staying with me! I even wore it the next day and the manager at Anthropologie asked if I got it at Urban, to which I happily told her it was vintage and I had just thrifted it.

It's showing up a lot more royal purple than it is...it's more plum (see below).

The shoulders are my fav part!

She was super sweet and asked which thrift store it was. After that we got to talking and it turns out she's a new transplant to Texas from California, so we commiserated for a little bit about what we miss from the West Coast. I told her she'll learn to love the Midwest, just give it some time to let the culture shock subside. :)

Well that's it for part one. Tomorrow I'll share with you what I found on our journey back to St. Louis from Texas. The hubs, great man that he is, let me add a good five hours to our trip just to let me stop and thrift...whatta man! :)

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  1. Which shops did you go to? I live down the road a piece from McKinney and usually hit the Metroplex for thrifting.

  2. We went to Plaza Thrift and the Goodwill. I'll have to earmark Metroplex for the next trip! :)

  3. That striped sweater is so charming and chic! Purple blazer too go to be true. Nice finds!


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