Sustainable Style: GoodGuide

Smart phone apps are becoming a way of life for a lot of us, myself included. I use apps for cooking, keeping up with sports, getting discounts at my favorite craft stores, tweeting, Facebook-ing, and on and on. But recently, I've been discovering (or having other more tech-savvy friends showing me) apps for when you're shopping. The ability of the newer phones to scan bar codes can be extremely helpful for price comparisons, and this week I stumbled upon an app that rates a product's health, environmental and social impacts.

It's called GoodGuide, and apparently it's been around for a couple years already, but I am part of the slow technology movement (as in it take me forever to learn about the latest happenings). Anyway, the company has rated products for more than 145,000 companies on a scale of 1 to 10, with 8 and above being pretty awesome, and 4 and below deserving a kick in the shins (my technical description, not theirs). :) You can learn how they decide on a rating here.  

The hubs and I have definitely been trying to support companies that leave lighter footprints and give to social causes, so I'm excited to give this app a try next time I'm at the store. Have any of you tried it yet? What did you think?

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