Sustainable Style: Global Mamas

Spring is starting to, well, spring, and I can't wait! I've missed the days of bright skies and colorful clothing that comes in the warmer months. So these pieces from Global Mamas (launched in 2003) are definitely hitting the spot — especially since they're fair trade and support the hard-working women (and some men) in Africa who craft them. I am beyond in love with that gray-and-white zebra stripe skirt...which one is your favorite?

Fisheye J. Dress

1. Fiesta Patchwork Skirt // 2. Woven Glass Lily Skirt // 3. Zebra Lily Skirt

Retro Circle Fans Dress

Cityscape Emi Dress

Fav Freebie

I spotted these labels on Pinterest last week (they were created over at The Painted Hive and are free to download and print!) and have been keeping my eyes peeled for these glass canisters at the thrift so I can try them out. Such a lovely, modern rustic way to store your basic baking supplies. Or, if you're handy with Photoshop, you can follow Kristine's instructions and design ones that fit your needs (maybe craft storage?). Yet another reason to be grateful for those who share their gifts of creativity! :)


Vintage 101: What I Learned This Weekend

If you tuned into Style Spots yesterday, you may remember that I found something that's been on my want list for a while: a Pyrex double boiler. Not that putting a bowl over a saucepan with simmering water hasn't been fun...oh heck, who am I kidding? It hasn't been. I've burned my hand more times than I can count while trying to save the bowl from slipping as I stir, and I'm beyond excited to finally have something that was made specifically for this often tedious cooking task.

I found this little guy at the Midway Antique Mall in Midway, Mo., and he actually wasn't the only one. There was a second in a different booth that was bigger, but its condition was a little rough, and the handles didn't come off. I did what research I could on my phone, trying to date each one, but finally abandoned the effort and picked the smaller one, making a mental note to continue my research at home.

Anytime I'm trying to learn things about Pyrex products, I go to one site, Pyrex Love, and one book, Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide. Linda and Bryan, the authors of the former, have put together an amazing amount of research for those of us addicted to vintage Pyrex, including pattern identification, how to clean and care for it, etc. Then, couple years ago, I got the book, written by Barbara E. Mauzy, and spent hours poring over the pages, drooling over patterns I'd never seen in person.

When I got to Chapter 2, which talks about a line of products called Flameware, I was totally hooked. The pieces are simple, all clear with stainless bands attached to a handle, but I just really loved the idea of getting to see the cooking process while you make food and drinks in them.

So I returned to this chapter when I got home and, according to Mauzy, the line was started in 1936, with the first pieces made from a bluish glass with a clear top. I stopped and looked at mine, which was also a bluish glass with a clear top (score!). The other one hadn't been, so immediately I was happy about my decision. The author also said that the first generation of Flameware (meaning the first decade, so 1936-1946) had the Pyrex name and flames stamped in green ink on the bottom. She also mentioned that a lot of these stamps came off over time and with use, but mine is in pretty good shape (score again!).

As for the handles, these also designated them as earlier pieces because as time went on, the handles became wooden, and then back to glass but permanently attached. So, as far as I can guess, the handles on this piece suggest it was made in 1943, which is when the all-glass, removable handle became available.

Either way, I'm just happy it has a home...and that the home is mine! :)

St. Louis Clothing Swap

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Cristina, a grad student at Wash U here in St. Louis, asking if I wanted to join in the fun of a clothing swap, to which I will always say "yes!" We used to do these among our circle of friends in Santa Monica, with everyone bringing whatever they were itching to get rid of from their closets, and we'd throw it all in one room while people went in one by one to get one item at a time. The rest of us would hang out in the living room, where there were snacks and drinks, and it turned into a great time of hanging out, meeting new people and trading in something older for something new to you.

So, I wanted to officially extend an invitation to whomever would like to attend the swap, which will be at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 31. Cristina has set up the event on Meetup.com, where can you see all the fine print, but the basic rules are you bring at least 3 items to swap that are in good condition. Everyone pays a $2 entry fee to help take care of organizing costs, and we'll be setting up tables according to size to make finding something that will fit a bit easier.

Since it's the first swap, the max attendance was set at 40, of which only 29 spots are left (but please, please, please don't sign up unless you are 100% sure you'll be there, otherwise it eats up a spot that could go to someone else). To RSVP, you have to sign up for a Meetup.com account (which is free), then go to the event homepage and let us know if you'll be attending.

Once all is said and done, everything that's left will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Hope to see you there!

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Style Spots: Omaha

Hey all! How was your weekend? Mine was spent visiting my bro and sis-in-law in Omaha, eating good food and definitely hitting up the thrift scene. There are a lot of thrift stores in their area, including some Goodwills that (possibly for worse?) look like something straight out of a department store.

I'm starting to see this nonprofit's trend all over the country, and am not totally on board with it. I know it sounds like a reseller who just wants to complain, but I'm thinking more about the people who have shopped at thrift stores and depended on them since before they were trendy. My guess is their incomes haven't gone up like the prices in these stores have, and I really hate to think that they can't get basic necessities like clothes anymore because of this shift.


I did find some good stuff at a couple of Thrift Worlds, and on the way home we stopped just outside Columbia, Mo. (and my college alma mater) to check out Midway Antique Mall...which is huge! I could kick myself for never having gone in the four years I lived in that town. Here's what I brought home from our traveling adventures...

Some vintage cream boots that I couldn't stop wearing this weekend!

Another Samsonite travel bag in a pretty reddish color.

A red-and-white floral peasant top.

A gorgeous beaded cocktail dress.

A lovely teal Glasbake mixing bowl for the kitchen!

A brown Pyrex refrigerator dish.

A pink Pyrex pie plate.

A white hobnail pitcher.

Three orange Glasbake soup bowls/mugs.

And something I've been trying to find for a very long time: a Pyrex Flameware double boiler.

So, clearly, this was a vintage kitchenware weekend. I must have Pyrex and Glasbake on the brain!

You turn! What goodies did you find this weekend?

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The Thrifted Kitchen {Golden Peach Crunch}

On Tuesday night, I went into a flurry of rearranging the living and dining rooms. I mostly blame it on watching copious amounts of HGTV, which I usually have on in the background while I'm working (that or Food Network), but I have to lay some blame on my constant change of mind. Something I like one week oftentimes becomes a "What was I thinking?" moment the next month.

But I digress.

While switching out the buffet in our entryway with the one in the dining room, I uncovered my stack of Better Homes & Gardens issues from the '60s. I had been wondering where they'd gone, and I guess I shoved them under the buffet in a speed cleaning session. Yesterday I had some free time to sit down with the March issues from 1963, 1964 and 1967, and came across a dessert I knew we had to try that night: Golden Peach Crunch.

It couldn't be more simple to put together, and the flavors were so refreshing! Sliced peaches mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg, then topped with a mixture of quick oats, brown sugar, butter and salt. Throw it in the oven, and 30 minutes later you're in piping hot, fruit-filled heaven.

I, of course, made one little tweak, which was the addition of some fleur de sel caramel on top of the whipped cream. It's my latest food product obsession, and it offset the sweetness of this dish so nicely! I highly recommend you give it a try (you can find it at Trader Joe's).

Now I'm off to pack for my trip to Omaha this weekend, visiting my brother and sis-in-law. Last time I was there, I was up to my ears in snow, but the weather looks much milder this time around. The rentals and I might be stopping at some antique malls along the way, so you can bet I'll have some vintage goodies to share with you on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Golden Peach Crunch
Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, March 1963
Makes 8 servings

2 cans (1 lb. 13 oz. each) cling peach slices
1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup quick oats, uncooked
1/3 cup butter or margarine, melted
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
1/4 teaspoon salt

Drain peach slices thoroughly; mix with cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon juice; turn into 8-inch baking dish.

Combine oats, butter, sugar and salt; mix until crumbly. Sprinkle over peaches.

Bake in 375-degree oven about 30 minutes.

Serve hot with plain or whipped cream.


Fav Freebie

Last night I finally paid a visit to my Google Reader account after weeks of negligence (and thousands of posts to read!), when I came across these super cute free vintage camera printable by The Handmade Home (I saw them via Creature Comforts). Wouldn't they be a great thing to frame and brighten up any room in the house? I'm thinking I'll print them out and hang them above my actual vintage camera collection...what about you? Where will you put yours?

Bites {Vegetarian Beef Stew}

Every other month, I contribute a vegetarian column to Sauce, a local food publication here in St. Louis. This month I introduced our readers to the wonder of seitan — and its amazing ability to taste like stew meat — and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of it! I took some elements from my mom's recipe, and some from food connoisseurs such as Mollie Katzen, Mark Bittman and the staff at Cook's Illustrated, and what came together was a slightly sweet take on a classic comfort food recipe.

One of the interesting things I found while researching the recipe was there are tons of variations of this dish. I grew up with a simple combination of beef, carrots, onion and potatoes, but my husband's family uses corn in theirs. Others didn't use carrots at all, and some put broccoli in theirs. What about you? What are the staple components of beef stew in your household?

If you'd like to try my recipe, hop on over to the Sauce site for the complete recipe, and also check out my friend Kristi's photography site. She shot the dish and made it look so yummy!

All photos by Kristi Schiffman Photography.


Sustainable Style: Kadabros

Let's be honest...when you work from home, you kind of get used to being comfortable. Most days, if you come by my house during working hours, you'll find me in a pair of black stretch pants and a sweatshirt. Not so glamorous, I know, but that's just the kind of creature I am.

The one thing missing from this stunning ensemble, however, are some casual house shoes. During my breaks, I'm often running two floors down to the basement to do laundry, letting the dog out in the backyard, or any number of things that make my feet go pitter-patter around the house. And I would just love to have some casual "shoes" to slip on in the morning and not want to take off all day because, despite all that activity (and my husband can attest to this), my feet are always cold. Call it bad circulation or poor genes, but they are.

Enter Kadabros, located in Lithuania. I've had her eco-friendly felted footwear in my saved links folder for some time. I love how simple and sustainable they are, and that each pair is handmade to order using only water, soap and natural wool. I think my favorite are the simple gray ones, but the ones with the rounded toes and the circle swirl are kinda cute, too. How about you? Which ones are your fav?


Style Spots: Shop Update

What a weekend! One of my dear friends was in town from L.A., and we did St. Louis right over the past three days...eating dinner at Local Harvest, seeing Darell Scott play at Old Rock House, breakfast at Crepes, Etc., shopping in Maplewood, lunch at Schlafly, naps, dinner at Herbie's Vintage 72, shuffleboard at Foley's...needless to say, my stomach is wondering what the heck happened this weekend, but it was worth it! :)

Yesterday, was a special day, too. The hubs and I became godparents to our friends' little boy. We've known him since birth, and his parents for a long time, and we were very blessed and honored to take on such a role in his life. Then that night we took my mom out to dinner for her birthday. We went to what's probably our favorite restaurant right now, The Tavern in Valley Park, and the night ended with a soft-baked cookie cake topped with cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter mousse and mini-M&M's. It was positively sinful.

You might have guessed that with all this fun, I didn't really do any thrifting or estate sales this weekend, which is okay. I really do have SO much stuff that needs to go into the online store, and I actually might take a mini-break from rummaging until I get all that posted. (I say that now, but we'll see!) So, if you don't mind, I thought for this Style Spots I'd post what's new to the store from the past week...shameless plug, I know, but it counts! I did spot them thrifting at some point! :)

Black Entienne Aigner Riding Boots

La Vanti by Lamar Brown Women's Blazer

Scaasi Black Cocktail Dress With Scalloped Neckline

Hyde Point Petite Charcoal Gray Blazer

Russ Sleeveless Stripe Sweater

Knit JCPenny Button-up Poncho

Red Wool Pendleton Jacket/Blazer

I hope to get lots more up this week, so stay tuned, and happy Monday!


DIY Friday

Hey all! Happy, happy early weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? I'm still in shock over the weird winter we've had...snowing one night and in 50s the next day, so I hardly know what to wear each day. Then again, I work from home (ha), so I guess I can wear whatever I darn well please! In any case, no matter what the weather brings you this weekend, I hope it's great, and it inspires you to get a little creative over the next couple days. Here are some great projects to get those wheels a-turnin'!

1. Birch Bark Lamps // Nora for Ruffled // via Poppytalk


Happy Grapefruit Month!

1. Grapefruit Lip Balm // BL Soaps
2. Pink Grapefruit Stripe Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter // Pink Fawn Designs
3. Grapefruit Watercolor Painting // Mangu Love Art
4. Retro Pink Grapefruit Print // Can It Be Sew
5. Grapefruit Earrings // Love Your Bling
6. Glistening Grapefruit Natural Eye Shadow // Willow Tree Minerals
7. Embroidered Pink Grapefruit Pin Cushion // Sea Pinks
8. Grapefruit Cleanse and Hydrate Balm // Stark Skin Care
9. Grapefruit Vegan Mineral Blush // Naked Elements


Sustainable Style: Little Miss Loolies

{Knit cozies}

The hubs and I try to be conscious consumers as much as we can, and that often includes brainstorming ways to reuse or recycle things instead of just tossing them. It's a challenge just to do this with common household items, so when people have the vision take this practice and create beautiful home accessories, I'm always in awe (and always a wee bit jealous!).

{Self-adhesive fabric sheets}

{Knit Poufs}

One such lady is Sarah Hepworth, whose Etsy store, Little Miss Loolies, takes "life's little leftovers" and turns them into items that are "fabulous and fun." What drew me in at first were her knit poufs, which have such vibrant colors and patterns. But as I delved a little deeper, I also fell for her knit bottle and vase cozies, self-adhesive fabric sheets (using some vintage fabrics!) and her adorable matching sweater rabbits (I mean...come on...they're SO cute!).

{Matching sweater rabbits...be still my heart!}

The only down side (for me at least) is she's based in the UK, which means hefty shipping costs for those poufs. But that doesn't mean I can't admire them from across The Pond, right?
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