Style Spots: Shop Update

What a weekend! One of my dear friends was in town from L.A., and we did St. Louis right over the past three days...eating dinner at Local Harvest, seeing Darell Scott play at Old Rock House, breakfast at Crepes, Etc., shopping in Maplewood, lunch at Schlafly, naps, dinner at Herbie's Vintage 72, shuffleboard at Foley's...needless to say, my stomach is wondering what the heck happened this weekend, but it was worth it! :)

Yesterday, was a special day, too. The hubs and I became godparents to our friends' little boy. We've known him since birth, and his parents for a long time, and we were very blessed and honored to take on such a role in his life. Then that night we took my mom out to dinner for her birthday. We went to what's probably our favorite restaurant right now, The Tavern in Valley Park, and the night ended with a soft-baked cookie cake topped with cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter mousse and mini-M&M's. It was positively sinful.

You might have guessed that with all this fun, I didn't really do any thrifting or estate sales this weekend, which is okay. I really do have SO much stuff that needs to go into the online store, and I actually might take a mini-break from rummaging until I get all that posted. (I say that now, but we'll see!) So, if you don't mind, I thought for this Style Spots I'd post what's new to the store from the past week...shameless plug, I know, but it counts! I did spot them thrifting at some point! :)

Black Entienne Aigner Riding Boots

La Vanti by Lamar Brown Women's Blazer

Scaasi Black Cocktail Dress With Scalloped Neckline

Hyde Point Petite Charcoal Gray Blazer

Russ Sleeveless Stripe Sweater

Knit JCPenny Button-up Poncho

Red Wool Pendleton Jacket/Blazer

I hope to get lots more up this week, so stay tuned, and happy Monday!

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