Sustainable Style: Global Mamas

Spring is starting to, well, spring, and I can't wait! I've missed the days of bright skies and colorful clothing that comes in the warmer months. So these pieces from Global Mamas (launched in 2003) are definitely hitting the spot — especially since they're fair trade and support the hard-working women (and some men) in Africa who craft them. I am beyond in love with that gray-and-white zebra stripe skirt...which one is your favorite?

Fisheye J. Dress

1. Fiesta Patchwork Skirt // 2. Woven Glass Lily Skirt // 3. Zebra Lily Skirt

Retro Circle Fans Dress

Cityscape Emi Dress


  1. love these. retro circle dress is my fave!

  2. I love the lime ornament skirts! And the patchwork skirts!


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