Valentine's Day Recipe Roundup

Hello my lovelies! Unfortunately, this is turning into quite a busy week for me (lots of editing, writing and scouting spots for my store!), and rather than throw some half-hearted posts at you, I thought I'd do a little roundup of my Valentine's Day recipes thus far, just in case you missed some of them! I'll be back on Friday with another DIY roundup, so until then, happy week! :)

These pull-apart heart-shaped coffee cakes are a great way to start your Valentine's Day!

Tell your sweetheart how you feel with candy letters and sprinkles.

Pretty pink coconut will give your Valentine that fuzzy feeling. :)

Only one way to find out if these cupcakes hold true to their name!

Don't forget to invite one of cinema's most passionate couples to your Valentine's Day soiree!

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  1. Oh wow - are you planning a physical store in St Louis some time soon? So great - fingers crossed for you!


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