Puppy Love {Such Great Heights}

A couple days ago, we were hanging in the backyard with our friends who live in the apartment below us... enjoying the summer-like weather, tossing around ideas for our vegetable garden, and heating up the grill for some outdoor dining.

Kristi, who is an amazing photographer, started snapping shots of our dear Puppy J. Pants as she played with her toy in the backyard, and she was nice enough to send some my way to share with you all. You know I'm quite the proud puppy parent, and I know I'm not completely objective, but isn't she sooooo pretty? :)

There were two great shots — one showing her getting ready to jump, and one of her mid-air — that I thought would be the perfect pictures to practice making an animated GIF, which, as I've heard, is really quite simple (and positively addicting) if you know a little about using Photoshop.


I didn't go for any mind-blowing designs, just wanted to get my first one on the board. But I like the playfulness of the results. I'm convinced Sadie is part rabbit because she can jump so high, and when she's in an open field, can run with the best Bugs Bunny.

Have any of you tried your hand at animated GIFs? I'd love to see what you've come up with!

{All photos by Kristi Schiffman}

1 comment:

  1. That is so cool! It was even animated on my Google Reader! Superfun.

    {...and I think Sadie and I would def be buds.}


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