Style Spots: Sunday Funday

Hello, my lovelies! Did you have a good weekend? We certainly did, between St. Patrick's Day, lots of thunderstorms (I love them) and some DIYing with the hubs yesterday. He and I finally made some white kitchen shelves for me to display my growing collection of Butterprint, and I can't wait to hang them up later today, once they're dry.

But before we broke out the saw and paint, my man was sweet enough to drop me off at some estate sales in between Home Depot and his workshop. The first two were duds and I came out empty-handed, but the last two still had some eye candy that I snatched up. Want to see?

Two 1950s purses that have that great half-rounded shape.

The yellow one has a wonderful lining.

More vintage fabric napkins.

A cute little jewelry box...

Has gold stars on the lining and holes to keep your posts organized.

Shopping for Christmas year-round...couldn't pass this little lady up.

Especially since she has glitter on her back, head and ears! I think I'll put her in the living room.

Probably the most complete-ish set of Wachtersbach heart dishes I've ever seen. This were left at the last estate sale: four big mugs with four dessert plates; eight cafe mugs and saucers; cream and sugar dish; and butter dish.

A a really cute woven floral rug that needs some cleaning (hence the photo on the porch),
but will look great in our hallway.

I showed you mine...now it's your turn! What goodies did you thrift this week?

Oh, I almost forgot! I promised to share some photos from our Paddy's Day partay. We ended up moving it to our house since there were some fairly hard-core thunderstorms happening, so no outdoor dining and no projected movie (boo). But we had fun anyway! And I still got to use the tabletop stuff I had thrifted last week. Place settings for 8, plus fabric that was on super sale at Jo-Ann's, all for under $30. How's that for a thrifty get-together? :)

The white plates with the gold rim, and the clear cordial glasses with a gold band, both came from a Goodwill. Then I lined the table with jute on the bottom and a green-and-white linen/cotton blend fabric, folded in half to make an instant table runner.  The Ikea vases were leftover from our wedding, and the gold candle holders are from Crate and Barrel (the only thing new!). The napkins and silverware I already had. What do you think? Does this setting put you in the mood for corned beef and Irish whiskey? :)


  1. Simply AMAZING finds!

    I adore the linking in that bag, and the jewellery case is gorgeous too.

    That rug is going to look awesome once you've cleaned it up - I love a challenge like that!

    I have to say, your party setting looks so beautiful too. Thanks for linking up x

  2. Love the heart crockery set: so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Isn't it fun? I hope it will find a good quirky home. :)

  3. I LOVE the bags and tea set, ive never seen a tea set like it!

    This week i managed to spend just £5.50 on 6 books, i can always find beautiful books!

    Aqeela xx

    (Found you through the 'me and my shadow' linky)

    1. Thanks, Aqeela! There are certainly some beautiful books out there...glad someone who appreciates them is snatching them up! :)

  4. Great finds! Love the dishes. And your table looks so pretty!

  5. Have you posted a home tour before? Based on the glimpses from this post I want to see more! (You've inspired me to re-do the collections inside my china hutch).

    Great scores as usual too, I especially like the shape & colors of the purses you found.

    1. I did one ages ago not long after we moved in, but have only done little snapshots here and there since then. Maybe I'll do one sometime this summer once I've finished some more projects! :)

  6. I love the yellow purse with that beautiful lining, and the glittery reindeer, and heart crockery, and, and, and...

    You really do seem to find the most gorgeous things!


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