Sustainable Style: cu-tĕ-tȧ-pē

I'm not even sure how I came across cu-tĕ-tȧ-pē (pronounced koo-teh-tah-pee) — I think someone had posted something from it on Twitter — but I am really glad our paths have crossed! My first time there, I spent a good 30 minutes perusing all the adorable washi tape, glassine and kraft bags, stamp sets and paper straws, trying to dream up an excuse to load my shopping cart.

What made me even more happy, however, was there were eco-friendly items are sprinkled within its product pages, all of which are great options for those of you in the handmade selling scene: recycled craft paper cards (shown at the top), eco-cotton tape, biodegradable paper bags (above) and recycled kraft hang tags (below).

They also carry these really cute pencil sets, one with penguins and one with owls, made from recycled newspaper, but they were sold out, so I didn't want to put a picture in and tempt you into disappointment (although I guess that's what I just did...oops!). :)

Take some time to click around the store, and then tell me what your favorite product is!

{All images courtesy of cu-tĕ-tȧ-pē}

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