Today Is :: Puppy's 5th Birthday!

Yes...I am one of those pet parents. I buy my dog birthday treats, I decorate her little nook and I give her lots of love, because that's what she's done for us these past five years. I still remember the day a group of us went to meet her at a little house somewhere near Inglewood, Calif. I'd seen her photo on Craigslist along with "free to a good home" next to it. She looked like a mini version of the dog I had growing up, and I just couldn't resist! The family had her and her little runt brother, who were both  4 months old at the time, but they were moving to an even smaller place and said there wouldn't be room for both. They'd already named her Sadie, which I loved, and after our visit they bundled her up with a collar, leash, food, puppy pads and some toys (which we still have) and she became the newest member of our household.

Last year, in the midst of moving to Missouri, we forgot her birthday, so I was determined to make it up to her this year. Found some paper bunting at Target, grabbed a bag of her favorite treats, picked up a new toy and left it all waiting for her this morning.

I also made some peanut butter puppers, a recipe I found on The Fun Times Guide. I've never made dog treats before, so I chose this one because it seemed to take extra care to include ingredients that were good for dogs. It also uses a mixture of whole wheat flour and brown rice flour, the latter of which I'd never used, but I really liked how the combination rolled out. And, lucky me, I got a set of bone-shaped cookie cutters for Christmas, so I finally got to put one to good use! Although, between these and the Wellness treats, I think it might be a bit much for a 13-pound dog, so I'm going to wrap up some of the extras for Sadie to share with her friends.

If you've read this far, thank you for indulging this proud pet parent. I'd love to hear about any ways you have celebrated your own pet's birthday, if only just to know I'm not alone in my eccentricities. :)


  1. I made a scrapbook for my dog. Nuff' said right? Seemed rediculous, even though it was small, but now that she's gone - I'm glad I have it. Happy Birthday Sadie!

  2. I love this idea! And Sadie looks great! :-)

  3. Such a beautiful birthday pup. Franklin devoured his Sadie treat. I could see the appreciation in his eyes. :) Thanks!


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