What's Your Kobenstyle?

Have you heard the fun news, vintage-lovers? Dansk announced at the International Home & Housewares show that it's bringing back the Kobenstyle cookware, which was uber popular in the '60s and '70s. According to The Kitchn, It will be seen on the shelves exclusively at Crate and Barrel at first (still not sure when!), and will come in red, white and blue (I am dying to get a white one).

I've picked up three pieces of my own in the past year and have loved cooking with them. It's true that they are prone to chipping (although mine are luckily in good interior shape), but let's hope the newer versions will remedy that? We'll just have to see!

Do any of you all own any vintage Dansk? What do you think of the news?

{Photos by :: Janel Laban via The Kitchn}

1 comment:

  1. I have a smallish (maybe 2 quart) blue one, found thrifting some time ago. Debating now whether to hoard it for myself (love the color!) or put it in my booth quick so some keep person can snap up one that's definitely vintage before the new ones come out...


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