DIY {Papernstitch} Friday

Images courtesy of Honest to Nod

I'm just gonna say it: It's time to embrace the '90s again. Translation: You need to hone your tie-dying skills. Lucky for you, I've rounded up seven ways for you to go tie-dye crazy with some rubber bands and RIT dye, right now over on papernstitch. Now get to it! :)


  1. You kids! Ah, yes it was in the '90s but the Original was the '60s-early '70s era. That is the Grand Poobah :)

  2. I agree, I think of baggy lock-up jeans as being nineties style.:) Tie dye will always make me think of my mum in the 70's. It is really fun to do though!

    (I just found your blog through your interview with Elissa's "Dress with Courage" blog. I am enjoying your posts immensely. Thanks!)


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