Style Spots: The '70s Are Back

Happy Monday, all! I hope you had a great Easter weekend, and are ready to tackle these next five days! I know for me, it's getting more and more difficult to be cooped up inside while the weather is so gorgeous. I want to be out there, walking in the park or riding my bike or in the garden...but I guess we live the American lifestyle, right? All work and no play? :)

This past weekend was the first time in two weeks I was able to go to a couple estate sales, even one thrift store. And it was a GOOD day...I got a good amount of items at one estate sale (nothing at the other), and found some great dresses at the local thrift. I ended up bringing home quite a haul, only to realize a lot of it is for me to keep (hee-hee). Overall, a ton of 1970s items, which, I hear, are all the rage these days. :)

Want to see?

This dress is SO pretty. The colors are bright and very summery.

And I love how they changed the direction of the pattern at the bottom.
This dandy is for sale if you're interested.

This dress is really pretty, too, and I think a good candidate for taking the sleeves off. It fits me, but I'm going to sell it for now. Then if no one wants it, I'll make it sleeveless and wear it about town. :)

This dress, however, fits me like a glove. It's a gorgeous handmade vintage piece in a very neon green fabric.
And I looooove it!

I also picked up an old jar filled with matchbooks. I wanted to check out the vintage designs.

I also picked up another vintage umbrella. This one has one spot that needs a little tape, but the ends are the ones that slope down, so it has a bubble shape. Super fun.

This teflon enamel pot is for sale and is in really good condition (even comes with the booklet!). The inside has two spots that are a bit worn, but it's been cleaned, bleached and scrubbed, and should still function just fine.

Another Samsonite bag, also for sale, in a pretty Kelly green. Needs a little spit shine, but it's in great shape.

Two brass elephants to add to my brass animal menagerie.

A really cute little sewing kit. It's a brass box with silver scissors on top...

And looks like it's never been used! (Also for sale if you're interested.)

A ladies cigarette case with fun mirrored circles on the outside.

The inside is very shiny and crazy. This is also for sale.

And I think I have a new collection going...cake/candy stands.

I got this crystal one half-off at the estate sale. I love it.

And this one with the Japanese fish on the bottom would make a great jewelry dish.

A really nice set of vintage sheets. I believe it's for a full size, if you're interested. Has a flat sheet and three pillowcases.

And then I got two really big pieces of crewel artwork for the guest room...

Love the details on this one...I'll probably paint the frames white so they go with my little crewel collection.

I also found this awesomely aged wicker footstool in a mustard yellow for the back porch.

And a couple chair cushions, which Sadie clearly approves of.

I'm so excited about this weekend's finds! Did you find anything fun? Would love to hear about it!

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  1. Oh wow, i think i like everything here!! What a good haul!! I think i love the footstool, umbrella, embroidery's and bedsheets the most, perfectly my taste!(I linked up to magpie mondays too).
    Aqeela xx

  2. Some really gorgeous things, as per usual. I have a particular soft spot for the sewing kit.

  3. The dresses are so lovely. Actually, everything is fantastic! Amazing that an umbrella can survive long enough to be called vintage. Our umbrellas last around two weeks! ;)

    1. Ha-ha! You must get a lot of rain where you are. :)

  4. I had to chuckle when I saw your footstool. My girlfriend and I were at estate sales and yard sales this past Friday and I saw a natural color stool just like yours for 10 cents! I told my girlfriend to buy it and paint it white to go with her wicker theme on her porch....she was a happy camper to snatch that up! Then she turns around and buys a a small vintage looking step ladder (3 rung) for again.... 10 cents! She bought that as well and is going to paint that.

    1. Ten cents! That is an insanely awesome deal! I bet they will turn out so cute!

  5. Eek so many amazing finds this week!! What's the waist size on the first dress? And the material? I'm also entranced by the aqua pot, it's hard for me to resist aqua kitchen items! Will have to go peek at your etsy shop now...

    1. Hey Leilani! Here are the measurements of the first dress:
      Bust: 34"
      Waist: 30"
      Hips: 37"
      Length: 55" from the shoulder to the longest point; 42" from the shoulder to the top of the V at the bottom of the dress.

      True to its time period, the fabric is polyester. :)

      And just a warning: My Etsy shop is severely under-updated! I'm so bad at posting things. Hopefully I'll get a lot of it done this weekend! :)

  6. Oh. My. Gosh. How did I miss this post. You found quite the haul! Love every single THING!

  7. A lovely selection, as always. I've been considering smoking herbal cigarettes of late, and have been perusing vintage cigarette cases online - very fun. Hi Sadie!

  8. Sadie lady is suuuuuuper cute.


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