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Happy Monday, all! How was your weekend?? Mine was very full and filled with lots of thrifting and family time, which is always good. The hubs had a super busy work weekend, so I was left to my own devices, and on Friday we I went to my parents' house for dinner and movies. We started with Confessions of a Shopaholic, which I was surprised to find that I liked. Second was a classic suspense movie from 2000 that my parents and cousin had never seen: Final Destination. My dad was laughing so hard at one point I thought he was going to pee his pants. And I guess, 12 years later, it is pretty funny and the effects are very dated. Lastly, because mom and Jen couldn't end the night on a "scary" note, we watched Bridesmaids, which I had never seen. All this fun put me home around 3 a.m., which made for a mandatory sleep-in the next morning.

When I finally got up, I headed to some estate sales and thrift stores and brought home quite a collection of vintage goods. About 20 minutes after I got home, the hubs returned and we accompanied our friend to get his tattoo, which turned into me and the hubs each getting another tattoo. I was having trouble deciding on mine, but I knew it wanted it to be vintage-related. Then our friend Kristi suggested doing something with Pyrex, and I was immediately sold. I scanned pattern images over at Pyrex Love and landed one of my favorites: Friendship. I singled out the section of the design that has two birds with a flower in the middle and made it a permanent resident of my wrist. Want to see? :)

This has, of course, opened the door for many more tattoos. I'm already thinking of a couple other patterns and where I could put them. :)

After all that excitement, I wanted to just chill on Sunday and get some errands done, which I did, but on my way to Target, I spotted another estate sale and just couldn't resist. So I hopped in line and was glad I did! The house was still packed with stuff and it was all 50% off, so I came away with some cookbooks and other goodies for a great price.

But enough talk. Let's get some visuals! :)

Now is definitely the time for vintage Christmas shopping. I found a big Ziploc bag full
of bottle brush trees and scooped them up!

A pair of tan mid-calf Joyce boots, size 7 (if you're interested!).

A slew of vintage scarves.

This white beaded necklace with a really cute flower clasp, and a pair of white circle earrings.

Vintage running shorts! Who wants 'em? :)

A gorgeous beaded top (this is the back). Hand-beaded in Hong Kong, 100% wool, size M.

And it is really well-made.

And who doesn't want a polka dot skirt? This one by BonWorth, size petite L.

This cocktail/formal dress is ah-mazing! Very tight fit, lots of ruching (love the drape detail
on the shoulders!), and the back has a little pleated skirt in the middle. Made by Zum Zum, size 3/4.

A really lovely maxi dress with the tags still on it. Has the small pleating on the bottom, and
a gathered tie waist. By Jack Bryan.

This looks like a little homemade number. I kinda love the combination of traditional florals
with the more modern stripes.

Now we're onto my two favorite finds. This white cotton dress by Dotti. Has the eyelet lace pattern
on the neckline and the hemline and is so pretty. Would look great with the right belt.

And this dress by Act II New York, size 5/6. I love, love, love this dress. It even has
cross back straps.

Some vintage fabrics...

Two more vintage hats (that aqua one is my new favorite).

Vintage Thermos.

Vintage jigger with a bottle-opener handle.

A set of vintage spice jars, for sale.

More lotus bowls! I found the smaller ones at one sale, and the three larger ones at another. All are for sale.

A pretty little pillow, for the store.

A beautiful crocheted blanket, for sale.

Two rose wall plaques for my exciting-but-secret project. :)

A beautiful white porcelain pitcher, for sale. No markings, though.

Lots of vintage cookbooks and booklets!

Some iron letters that I assume spelled "news." I think I'm going to leave the "n" out and hang it at "sew" in my sewing nook.

And a lovely white purse, for sale.

Whew! That's probably the biggest haul I've had in a while. How about you? Find any goodies this weekend?

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  1. You could put SEWN too. I love old letters. Great finds!

    1. I thought about that, Shara, but that would imply I actually finish my sewing projects! Ha! :)

  2. Could be 'Mens'?

    I love your vintage dresses - all of them. Still spluttering at the Pyrex tattoo though, that's taking Pyrex love to a whole new level!

    1. Yes! That is a good idea! Maybe something cute to hang around the hubs's closet or something...

      And yes, I know, a little intense, but I made sure I love the design outside of it being Pyrex-related, so there will be no regret. :)

  3. love, love, LOVE the tattoo! what a great idea! i have one tiny tiny tiny little tattoo - a brown cross off centered toward the left on my left wrist. hubs has a ton of cool ones, of course, and i'm kinda itching for something even though i'm a TOTAL wimp and even though my tattoo took like 2 minutes and i almost cried. :)

    great finds, too! very productive weekend! i think i love the yellow/white dress and the blanket the best!! :)

  4. Girl, I hear ya. It's been 5 years since my last tattoo (I have four now), and within the first 5 seconds I remembered that bite-my-tongue-so-I-don't-yelp feeling. :) I love that dress too, and even tried to squeeze myself into it...and I am most certainly NOT a 5/6. :) Alas, no dice. But that just means there is a special owner out there somewhere for it.

  5. That beaded top is so incredibly gorgeous it made my heart quicken ;-) Love the cookbooks too!

    1. That would be one for the papers, wouldn't it? "Heart attack by beaded top." :) Thank you for stopping over!

  6. I linked up to Magpie Mondays too...I love almost everything you bought, again! You manage to find some fantastic things, you have good taste :-)
    Aqeela xx

    1. Thank you, Aqeela! I have a lot of fun curating things. :)

  7. Lovely Finds, I really love those metal letters!

  8. That Act II dress is lovely! So many great finds!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! It's pretty glam, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great finds! I found 4 bottle brush trees last week on vacation - and an oil painting that I'm REALLY liking.....along with some - make that MANY - books....

    I like how you're turning "news" into "sew"! What a good idea.

    1. Hey Rebecca! Sounds like you had a good haul yourself! I love it when you come across great artwork, don't you? And books! :)

  10. cute tattoo! And you'll be instantly recognizable as a fellow devotee when you meet other Pyrex lovers!

    1. Haha, I hope so! Or they might slowly walk away, thinking I'm a bit of a psycho. :)

  11. Ok that is the best tatoo EVER!!! I am so jelous My hubs does not want me to get one, but I just love yours!

    The Joyful Thrifter

    1. Thank you! Keep working on him, maybe one day he'll cave. :)

  12. Hello from England! I found your blog during a search for my next tattoo!! My business logo and branding has always featured two little birds. I'm a wedding photographer and this is my first year full time (thanks to a twist of fate) so I want something to remember this exciting time! I'm going for something like yours but with a heart in the middle... love birds I guess. Thank you for helping me decide! Claire

  13. Tiffany Gran12/5/12, 9:06 PM

    Hi there is the ACT II Dress for sale! I love it!!

    1. Hey Tiffany! It was, but it sold back in July. Sorry. :-( But thanks for visiting and inquiring!


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