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Some of you might remember that I went to the first event of the St. Louis Clothing Swap group this past weekend. But for those of you who don't: I went to the first event of the St. Louis Clothing Swap group this past weekend. :) Around 30 ladies from the area gathered in Clayton, each toting at least three items to swap (although everyone brought much more than that). We had tons of tables, each with a sign that said what size clothing was on it. We also had an accessories section with jewelry, shoes, hats and scarves, and a baby section with loads of clothing for boys and girls from newborn to 2T.

Cristina, the organizer and a grad student at Wash U., had contacted by some months ago about participating, and I was SO excited to be part of it. I offered to gather some refreshments so ladies could meet and greet for about 30 minutes before the swap started. Me being me, and wanting to go a little over the top, I got up that morning and squeezed 36 lemons so I could make little mason jars of fresh lemonade flavored with mint. I also had some jars with water, mint and strawberries. They turned out to be a big hit, and several ladies said they were going to steal the idea for parties this summer. I told them to go ahead, since I stole the idea from someone on Pinterest. :)

I also couldn't resist making an early morning stop at Missouri Baking Co. on The Hill, which has cases full of freshly baked goodies, including 20-plus varieties of little cookies that are perfect for brunches and small gatherings. We also had music, thanks to the generosity of Tower Sound & Vision, who donated a speaker system that we hooked up to my computer. :)

I ended up leaving with a nice little pile of clothing, some from the swap and some that Cristina brought from her own little vintage collection for the Parsimonia store. Shall we take a peek?

A vintage tuxedo shirt...

...with the ruffles on the back!

I SO want to keep this vintage plaid shirt...but the ladies are too big for it. :)

A green, yellow and black plaid skirt.

This dress caught my eye. No tags or anything, but definitely vintage...possibly handmade, too.

Another nicely worn plaid shirt.

This chain link necklace.

And these awesome Citizens shoes that I'm clearly already enjoying. :)

And those, my friends, are my thrifty finds for the week. I had zero time for thrift stores or estate sales, but can't say I really missed them this weekend! :) How about you? What thrifty treasures did you find?

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  1. Are you selling that dress???????

    1. I sure am! You want to email me your email so I can send more pictures and measurements?

    2. YES!!!!!!!! I. Will. Die. If it is my size. Die.

  2. I can tell you from experience, as a child of the 70s, that the ruffles are on the front of the shirt (I think I can see the darts), you button up the back. And yes, it is a huge pain!

    1. No way! I'll have to take a second look and pay attention to where the darts are. Those buttons at the collar would be especially annoying to button from the back! That's nuts!

    2. Yep Kristal is right. Lots of women's blouses in the 80s did this too. Usually with high necks oddly enough...

  3. The ruffles are definitely on the front...
    The shoes are fabulous!

  4. Many vintage shirts button up the back, most of my 30s/40s/50s blouses do! It's even trickier when they're teeny tiny pearl buttons.

    Lots of fun finds, I want to participate in a Chicago swap soon. Your lemonade made me want to try out a recipe this summer.

  5. What would I do without your all's knowledge of back-buttoning shirts?? :) I still say whoever invented this style must have been crazy. :)

  6. Beth, I've been meaning to write a post about the clothing swap, but haven't gotten around to it yet (too many post ideas right now) -- maybe I'll just link to your post. Thanks again for the great refreshments!


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