Sustainable Style: B.T. Brownies

Photo by Robyn Lee via Serious Eats

This week I did some major reorganizing of my links folder (which always feels SO nice), and I came across one I had bookmarked for Sustainable Style called B.T. Brownies. I was shocked I had neglected to share something that was a) edible and b) made of mostly chocolate, which is my Achilles' heel.

I went to the company's website to make sure everything was still up and running, and I saw two words that, if printed on a package, means I will most likely buy it: salted caramel. My friend Kate, who witnessed my obsession at a bake sale last year, as well as the hubs, can both attest to the fact I'm kind of addicted to this sweet-and-salty combo. So one guess what I'm going to do as soon as I finish this post.

Photos by Corey Lugg. Styled by Lauren LaPenna. For The Nibble.

Anyway...enough about me. B.T. Brownies (the B.T. stands for "Better Together" and comes with a really cute story about the owner/baker and his wife) has a lot more going for it than its flavors (which include chocolate, peanut butter, cookie and the aforementioned salted caramel); the company uses premium organic ingredients, fair trade chocolate and purchases all its dairy from local farms in Lancaster County, Penn.

Photos by Corey Lugg. Styled by Lauren LaPenna. For The Nibble.

If you're lucky enough to live in that fair state, they also have a bake shop in Landsdowne. The rest of us can just drool all over our computers, maybe even like them on Facebook to see all the fun we're missing by not being locals. Or, like me, you can click that lovely "add to cart" button and wait for the goods to arrive at your doorstep. Bless you, technology. :)

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