DIY Friday

As I write this, it just starting raining cats and dogs, which I guess means a night indoors on this much-welcome Friday! (Although I can't complain too much...our hostas and hydrangeas are soaking up all the rain we've had lately and look wonderful!) Perhaps tonight I'll tackle that wall hanging that's been sitting there a few weeks, and then daydream about these projects for a future rainy night.

1. Color Block Terra Cotta Pots by A Beautiful Mess
2. Cork Pencil Holder by Laura Parke for Design for Mankind
3. Fruit Balloons by Brittany Watson Jepsen for Oh Happy Day
4. Concrete Block Planter/Bar by The Hunted Interior
5. Handmade Clay Pots by Fellow Fellow for Say Yes to Hoboken
6. Dipped Cooking Tools by My Fabuless Life


  1. Thank you so much! I was so excited to see this tweet today. And can I just say I love your kitchen cow? I've been thinking for weeks now that I need to find a rooster like my mom had (similar to the style of the cow) and now I'm thinking maybe I need to find a cow instead ;)

    1. Hey Jenn! Thanks for stopping by! It was my pleasure to feature those utensils! I love the whole dip-dying thing, and yours turned out gorgeous! And I will pass along your compliments to Daisy, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I highly encourage you to get her sister (or a rooster!) in your kitchen. They're great companions :)

  2. thank you so much for including me in your DIY Friday post! i am honored and flattered. and i just finished reading your "things i'm afraid to tell you post" from yesterday . i so admire your bravery and honesty. keep it up!!

    1. Hey Laura! Absolutely! I love, love, love your pencil holder idea, and hope to make one myself soon! Such a creative way to turn your writing utensils into art when you're not using them! And thank you for the kinds words about yesterday's post. It was nerve-wracking, but also awesome, to get all that out there. :)


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