Photo a Day May: Catching Up (Again)

Hey all! How was your holiday weekend? Ours was a wonderful combination of relaxing and productive. We got to hang out with some good friends who came in town for a visit, and who are expecting their first baby, so it was great to see that little bump! :) Then Monday was spent working away at that secret project, which I hope to spill the beans on in a couple weeks (I know it's super annoying when people do things like this...).

Amid all that, however, I was able to snap some shots for the Photo a Day May challenge, which is only two more days! Can't believe this month has already flown by...although I kind of can based on how hot it's become. I've taken to cold showers at night just to cool off before bed (which does wonders for my hair...or not). :)

Day 25: Unusual

Day 26: 12 o'clock

Day 27: Something Sweet

Day 28: The Weather Today (Hot...always hot.)

Day 29: A Number (Five has always been my favorite.)

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